If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

One restaurant a time, this site answers that question.  Further background here.  So far, the following restaurants have been inducted into The Charlottesville 29.  Twelve down. Seventeen to go.

BBQ Exchange
World class barbeque and attention to detail from world class chef Craig Hartman
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Beer Run
A beer bar, store, and eatery, Charlottesville’s quintessential family restaurant
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Feeding bagels to 6,000 people per day, Charlottesville’s signature restaurant
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A food-lover’s restaurant that defies classification, where local sourcing is a passion
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Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie
Michael McCarthy’s dive serving much more than just the best pizza in the area
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El Tepeyac
Mexican and Salvadoran food with a following from chefs across town
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Tomas Rahal’s Spanish tapas bar where it feels like a party any night of the week
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The standard bearer for Charlottesville’s signature Southern/French cuisine
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Pad Thai
Mom-and-pop serving up real homestyle Thai cooking
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Pippin Hill Farm Table & Wine Bar
Superb food served in a breathtaking vineyard setting
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The Keavenys’ warm Belmont storefront serving ingredient-driven Italian fare
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Consistently excellent Latin-infused cuisine centrally located on the Downtown Mall
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