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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

Five Finds on Friday: Julia Minnerly


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Julia Minnerly, Space Lab Commander at Snowing in Space, which last week tapped their outstanding nitro coffee WhiSKEE Ball, aged in a whiskey barrels from Virginia Distillery Co. Tomorrow, Snowing in Space will host a pop-up brunch by the recently closed Blue Moon Diner. Devotees of Blue Moon Diner who can’t wait until it re-opens next year can get their fix tomorrow, August 19, from 10 am until 2 pm, with a menu of pancakces, biscuits and gravy, or a Cajun grit bowl. Details here. Minnerly’s picks:

1) Ham Biscuits from JM Stock Provisions. “I struggle not to get a biscuit from here every day of the week. Thinly sliced, high quality ham with honey and hot sauce on biscuits made fresh everyday, so delicious!”

2) Cheesecake Berry Swirl Ice Cream Sandwich from Wonderment​ Bakeshop and Creamery​​. “Stephanie makes incredible baked goods and ice cream, in a plethora of flavors. Put them together into a jam-packed homemade ice cream sandwich? Unbelievably tasty!”

3) Chicken Lunch Box from Doma​. “Such a great go-to lunch for me. Quick service, great ingredients, and a healthy portion of Korean-style veggies and meat, it’s always amazing!”

4) The Hangover Burger from South Street Brewery. “This burger is an undertaking to be sure, with bacon and a fried egg on top, but it is a must try. Definitely the best of it’s kind in the area and consistently cooked perfectly!​”

5) California Turkey Sandwich from Green House Coffee. “Love the avocado mayo on this sandwich, with sprouts, bacon and roasted turkey. For sure a yummy favorite!”


An Open Letter About Charlottesville


Mr. Willis,

Greetings from Charlottesville, where I have the great pleasure of writing about our area’s outstanding restaurants. As a fellow columnist, I know that we often have little control over our articles’ headlines. And so, perhaps you did not write the headline of your article “Charlottesville is the America That Donald Trump Promised.” With the possible exception of the text’s first line, it otherwise casts no aspersions on my favorite city in the world.

Never mind who wrote the headline, though. It is wrong. It perpetuates a myth that the events this weekend in Charlottesville should somehow reflect negatively on the wonderful city in which they happen to have taken place.

Though exact numbers are not available, very few of the participants of this weekend’s so-called Unite the Right rallies appear to have been from Charlottesville. Most came not just from other cities but from other states altogether, travelling great distances to attack our city. Of the four people arrested during the rallies, one was from was form Florida, another from Tennessee, and a third, the driver of the vehicle that killed a counter-protester, attended from Ohio. None was from Charlottesville.

Besides, Charlottesville seems very unlikely to reflect the “America That Donald Trump Promised” since, in last year’s presidential election, more than 86% of its voters voted against Donald Trump. Charlottesville became a target of this weekend’s rallies after decisions by its City Council to remove public statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and to rename Lee Park as Emancipation Park and Jackson Park as Justice Park.

The city of Charlottesville, then, was not a perpetrator of this weekend’s horrific events, but a victim. One of our residents lost her life, many more were injured, and our men, women, and children were all subject to images of hatred and violence we do not typically see amongst our neighbors. Media reports suggesting that the invaders’ messages of hate represent the views of the place being invaded only pour salt in our wounds.

It is possible the headline writer intended “Charlottesville” to mean “What Happened in Charlottesville” (like, “Columbine.”) But, many have read it otherwise, and the ambiguity of shorthand is part of the point. Those who rely on misleading headlines and news snippets come away with an impression of Charlottesville with no basis in reality.

Charlottesville is a beautiful city full of beautiful people. Though my focus is on our food, I have never seen a community more caring and supportive of one another. I invite you here as my guest to see for yourself. I’ll be happy to treat you to some of our great food. Meanwhile, please change the misleading headline of your article and also consider other steps to undo the damage it may already have done.

Kind regards,

Simon Davidson
The Charlottesville 29

Help Charlottesville Restaurants Thrive


Circumstances in Charlottesville this weekend have caused some restaurants to choose to close, resulting in unexpected revenue losses, which can cripple businesses whose margins are as tight as restaurants’. Even those that remain open will almost certainly see reduced business. In light of this, please consider purchasing gift certificates from your favorite restaurants today or tomorrow. The restaurants will benefit from sustained revenue, while you will look forward to a “free” night out in the future for yourself or to pass along to friends. Get all of your Holiday shopping done in August, while helping the Charlottesville restaurant scene during a difficult time. Don’t wait. Call your favorite restaurants now, and order several!
Stay safe,
The Charlottesville 29