Five Finds on Friday: Brian Geiger

by Charlottesville29


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Brian Geiger, co-founder and Head Judge of the Cville Pie Fest, which takes place next Sunday, October 9 at Mudhouse Crozet. It’s not too late to enter your pie to vie for first prize. Details here. For more details and background, Brian will join co-founder Marijean Oldham on an Edacious podcast being released this Monday, October 3. Geiger’s picks:

1) Porchetta Panuozzo at Lampo. “This is a rich sandwich that you’re going to want to either split with a friend or save half to eat cold the next morning, but it’s incredibly flavorful and worth the temptation. Wood fired bread, delicious pork, and bitter broccoli rabe to balance.”

2) Dealer’s Choice at The Alley Light. “Let’s face it: making decisions is a lot of work, and not having to make them is awesome. Especially when there are so many possibilities for tasty drinks that you don’t even know about. Skip the hard work and let the bartenders at The Alley Light choose for you. They give you the opportunity to choose gin or whiskey, but I just put it all in their hands, and I have never been disappointed.”

3) Sour Cream Doughnut at Chaps. “If you’re looking for a cake doughnut that’s perfect in its simplicity, drop by Chaps and hope they have some available.”

4) Financiers at MarieBette Cafe & Bakery. “Almond pastry is one of my favorites, and MarieBette’s version is consistently great. While I’m there I might occasionally pick up another $30 or so of assorted pastry, if I’m being honest.”

5) Peach and Pork Pie from The Pie Chest. “Just had one of these for the first time last week and it’s everything I want from a savory pie. Loaded with flavor, just a tiny bit sweet, and all of the skill that The Pie Chest brings.”