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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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Five Finds on Friday: Tres Pittard


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Tres Pittard, the former chef of Charley’s Waterfront Kitchen in Farmville who is now sous chef of Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar. This Monday, Commonwealth relaunches with a new menu of Modern Virginian Cuisine, in collaboraton with restaurateur Will Richey and chef Harrison Keevil. A preview of the new-and-improved Commonwealth. Pittard’s picks:

1) Orecchiette, House Sausage, Broccoli Rabe from Vivace. “First of all, I really like the outdoor seating here. The pasta and the atmosphere definitely tie in together, and all in all it is a very comforting experience.” 

2) Ham Biscuit from JM Stock Provisions. “How did I not know about these sooner? I enjoy everything about these and always contemplate if I’ve gotten enough of them on the walk to the car.”

3) Mexican Street Corn from Junction. “This was ridiculously good and I actually had to order another round to come out with the meal.”

4) Spinach, Goat cheese, Egg and Honey Pie from The Pie Chest. “Another thing I was recently introduced to but can’t seem to stop thinking about. And, the thought of these being available Saturday mornings at Draft for soccer is starting to blow my mind a little. Just that good.” 

5) Chicken Francaise from Bella’s. “Athough Bella’s serves family style, I could definitely have this one to myself. The entirety of the dish was on point, and I can see why this one usually sells out.”

Five Finds on Friday: Priscilla Martin


They love wine, restaurants, and each other. After last week’s picks from Will Curley, today’s Five Finds on Friday come from his fiancée, Priscilla Martin, General Manager and Wine Director of Tavola. Martin’s picks:

1) Sausage, Goat cheese, and Honey Hand Pie from The Pie Chest. “Growing up with an English father, savory pies were one of my favorite parts about winter visits to my grandparent’s house. The hot and flaky breakfast hand pie from The Pie Chest has all the good things about a savory pie but with a delicious modern twist. Walking the Downtown Mall in the winter with one of these and a cup of coffee is a great Charlottesville treat. Also it means I get to eat pie for breakfast – so let’s just say I ‘brexit’ one of these from the shop pretty frequently.”

2) Chicken Liver Pate at Oakhart Social. “My best friend is, ironically, the pickiest person in the entire world. I took her to Oakhart Social and she almost stabbed me for the last piece of what she referred to as meat butter.”

3) Beet Salad at Brasserie Saison.My fiancé is a manager here and so I am not exaggerating when I say that I eat this salad at least twice a month. I normally love roasted beets but something about Chef Tyler’s combination of creamy stracciatella cheese, crunchy puffed rice, and tart pickled red onions make it my all time favorite beet salad. Paired best with the Chenin Blanc by the glass from Wine Director Will Curley’s excellent wine list.”

4) Tacos Al Pastor from Tacos Gomez. “Coming from Chicago, my first question when I asked when I moved to Charlottsville was: ‘Where do I get good Mexican food?’ Our bar manager Steve Yang referred me to the food truck Tacos Gomez. Specifically, the al pastor tacos are my absolute favorite – perfectly cooked and extraordinarily flavorful. Since then, Steve brings them to me almost every Thursday for manager meeting and consequently has just been voted ‘best human alive’ in C-Ville’s ‘best of’ awards.”

5) Albarino from Afton Mountain Vineyards. “As a sommelier, one of the best parts about moving to Charlottesville is living in a wine making region. It’s been absolutely fantastic becoming friends with wine makers and actually seeing the ins and outs of the production. The wine itself here isn’t bad either, and my favorite summer white is the Albarino being produced from Afton Mountain. It’s a perfectly crisp and high acid white wine for the summer but with some great orchard fruit and floral notes that add complexity.”

Five Finds on Friday: Brian Geiger


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Brian Geiger, co-founder and Head Judge of the Cville Pie Fest, which takes place next Sunday, October 9 at Mudhouse Crozet. It’s not too late to enter your pie to vie for first prize. Details here. For more details and background, Brian will join co-founder Marijean Oldham on an Edacious podcast being released this Monday, October 3. Geiger’s picks:

1) Porchetta Panuozzo at Lampo. “This is a rich sandwich that you’re going to want to either split with a friend or save half to eat cold the next morning, but it’s incredibly flavorful and worth the temptation. Wood fired bread, delicious pork, and bitter broccoli rabe to balance.”

2) Dealer’s Choice at The Alley Light. “Let’s face it: making decisions is a lot of work, and not having to make them is awesome. Especially when there are so many possibilities for tasty drinks that you don’t even know about. Skip the hard work and let the bartenders at The Alley Light choose for you. They give you the opportunity to choose gin or whiskey, but I just put it all in their hands, and I have never been disappointed.”

3) Sour Cream Doughnut at Chaps. “If you’re looking for a cake doughnut that’s perfect in its simplicity, drop by Chaps and hope they have some available.”

4) Financiers at MarieBette Cafe & Bakery. “Almond pastry is one of my favorites, and MarieBette’s version is consistently great. While I’m there I might occasionally pick up another $30 or so of assorted pastry, if I’m being honest.”

5) Peach and Pork Pie from The Pie Chest. “Just had one of these for the first time last week and it’s everything I want from a savory pie. Loaded with flavor, just a tiny bit sweet, and all of the skill that The Pie Chest brings.”