Introducing Draft Taproom

by Charlottesville29


Where can you find the largest draft selection of Virginia beers in the state?

Starting this week, right here in Charlottesville. That’s the claim of a new taproom from the ownership team behind Commonwealth Restaurant & SkybarDraft Taproom will be across the mall from Commonwealth, and will mark a lot of “firsts” for Charlottesville’s downtown mall. First sports bar. First bar with more than 30 Virginia beers on tap. And, the first bar to use a pour-your-own beer system.

Customers purchase a plastic card which they then take to any of the sixty taps along the walls to insert their card. A sensor system records what tap you pour from and how much, deducting the price from your card. All beers are priced by the ounce. Pour an ounce of several . . . or sixteen ounces of your favorite. There’s also wine and cider on tap for non beer-lovers.

HDTVs are everywhere, with a TV package that includes every NFL game, and soccer and rugby from around the world, among other sports. For food, order at the counter from a beer-friendly menu of mussels, brats, and burgers, overseen by Commonwealth chef Reggie Calhoun.

On both food and beverage, there are no gratuities, unless you want to leave one, in which case Draft will donate 100% of it to a local charity.

Look for Draft to open this week. And, if it’s the largest draft selection of Virginia beers in the state, might that not make it the largest Virginia draft selection in the world? Or, the universe?