The Charlottesville 29

If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

A Culture of Takeout: Charlottesville Restaurant Dining at Home


A big part of what makes our area special, Charlottesville’s restaurants are on the brink. To help them survive, our restaurants invite Charlottesville to embrace a culture of takeout. Through their remarkable ingenuity during the pandemic, Charlottesville restaurants have shown how desperately they want to serve us. It is up to us to give them that chance. Restaurants need us. And, we need them. As often as we can, let’s brighten our lives of seclusion with a restaurant meal. 

This list will be updated with changes and additions. Also included are restaurants offering on-premises dining. Send updates or additions to Tip generously!

Restaurants of The Charlottesville 29

Ace Biscuit & Barbecue

Takeout and on-premises dining. 8am – 3pm. Call (434) 202-1403. Menu.

Al Carbon

Takeout and delivery only. 11am – 9pm. Order online or call (434) 202-2609. Menu.

The Alley Light

Takeout and on-premises dining. Takeout Tue-Sun, 5:15 – 6 pm. Must order the day before by email. Menu

BBQ Exchange

Takeout and curbside pickup. 11am-7pm. Order online or call (540) 832-0227. Menu.

Beer Run

Curbside pick-up and on-premises dining. Family-style meals, too. Tues-Wed, 12pm – 7pm; Thu-Sat, 11 am – 8 pm; Sun, 11am – 6 pm. Order online, call (434) 984-2337, or email Menu.


Takeout, plus on-premises dining. Thu – Sun, 11:30am – 2pm, 5pm – 9 pm. Order online.


Drive-through only. Credit card only (Visa, MC, Discovery). Menu.


Curbside pick-up and on-premises dining. Wed – Sat, 5-9 pm. Order online. Order by 7 pm. Menus.

Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie

Takeout only. Tue, 3-8pm; Wed-Thu, 11am-8pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-9pm; Sun, 11am-8pm. Call (434) 245-0000. Menu.


Takeout and on-premises dining. Thu – Sun, 4:30 – 8:30 pm. Call (434) 293-8352 or (434) 293-3091. Menu


Takeout and on-premises dining. Pickup: 5pm – 9pm. Call (434) 234-7394. Menu.


Takeout and on-premises dining. Tue-Sat, 11:30am – 8pm; Sun 11:30am – 3pm. Order online.

Ivy Inn

Curbside pick-up and on-premises dining. Wed-Sun, 5-8:30 pm. New menus each weekend. Pre-order by email at to reserve time slot. Menus posted weekly.


Curbside pick-up only. Wed-Sun, 12pm until sold out. Order online. Wait in your car to be texted when your order is ready. Menu.

Little Star

Takeout and on-premises dining. On premises: Thu-Sat, 5 – 9 pm; takeout, Wed-Sat, 11:30am – 4pm. Order online.


Takeout and curbside pick-up only. 8 am – 4 pm. Order online or call (434) 529-6118. Menu.


Takeout and patio dining. Tue-Sat, 4 – 9 pm. Order online or call (434) 979-0990. For takeout, upon arrival, stay in the car and call for instructions. Menu.


Curbside pick-up and on-premises dining. Takeout 3:30 – 8 pm. Menu.


Takeout and on-premises dining. Order online or call (434) 984-2828. Menu.

Oakhart Social

Takeout and patio dining. Thu-Sun, 4:30 – 8:30pm. Order online.

Pad Thai

Takeout only. Call (434) 293-4032. Menu.

Peter Chang

Call (434) 244-9818. Menu.

Petit Pois

Takeout and patio dining. Tue-Thu, 12pm – 8 pm.; Fri-Sat, 12pm – 9pm.  Call (434) 979-7647. Menu.

Pippin Hill

On-premises dining and wine tastings, by reservation. On select dates, “Evenings on the Hill” – extended hours for sunset dinners and wine. Tue-Sun, 11 am – 6pm, plus extended hours on select dates. Daytime Menu. Evenings on the Hill Menu.

Public Fish & Oyster

Takeout and on-premises dining. Tue-Sun, 4-9 pm. Call (434) 995-5542. Menu.

Revolutionary Soup

Takeout and delivery only. Mon-Fri, 10am – 8pm. Extra large soups available to stock fridge or freezer. Order online or call (434) 296-7687. Menu.

Sultan Kebab

Takeout and on-premises dining. 12pm – 9pm. Call (434) 981-0090. Menu.


Curbside pick-up and on-premises dining. Order online.

TEN Sushi

Takeout and on-premises dining. Tue-Sat, 4pm-8pm. Order online or call (434) 295-6691. Menu.


Takeout and patio dining. 4-8pm. Meals for Four for under $50. Order online. To pick up, call (434) 977-4944 from Zocalo’s reserved spots across from the library on Market St. Menu

More Restaurants

A Pimento Catering: “Bit e Pezzi”

Takeout, Thursday through Saturday. Order 48 hours in advance. Email to be added to weekly menu newsletter. 

Aberdeen Barn

Takeout only and on premises dining. 5-8pm. Call (434) 296-4630 or email Menu.

Afghan Kabob House

Takeout and delivery only. 11am – 9:45 pm. Call (434) 245-0095. Menu.

Albemarle Baking Company

Curbside pick-up and takeout. Mon-Sat, 8am – 5pm. Order online or call (434) 293-6456. Menu.

Angelic’s Kitchen

Takeout and dining at Dairy Market. Wed-Thu, 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-10pm; Sun, 11am-4pm. Order online

Asian Express

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 979-1888. Menu.


Takeout only. Mon-Fri, 11am – 3pm. Order online or call (434) 984-1862. Menu.


Takeout and on-premises dining. 5 – 8pm. Order online. Menu.


Takeout only. Tue-Sun, 11am – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 202-7594. Menu.

Batesville Market

Takeout only of carry out deli items, dinner items, packaged goods, beer and wine. Fri-Sat, 11am – 6pm; Sun, 11am – 4 pm. Order online. Plus, a weekly online farmer’s market, with pick-up each Wednesday.

Bavarian Chef

Curbside takeout and on-premises dining. Restaurant and food truck menu items. Call (540) 948-6505. Menus.


Curbside, contactless pick-up, and on premises dining. Wed-Sat 9am – 4pm; Sun, 9am-3pm. Menu.

Belmont Pizza and Pub

Takeout, delivery, and on premises dining. Order online or call (434) 977-1970. Menu.

Blue Moon Diner

Curbside pick-up and on-premise dining. Wed-Fri, 2 – 7pm; Sat-Sun, 11am – 4pm. Order online or call (434) 980-6666. Menu.

Bowerbird Bakeshop

Takeout only. Thu-Sun, 8am – 2 pm. Order online


Takeout only. Tue-Sat, 11am – 8 pm. Sun, 10am – 3pm. Order online.


Call (434) 295-4911. Menu.

Carpe Donut

Curbside takeout only. Mon-Fri, 8am – 1pm. Call (434) 806-6202, or just honk the horn.

Champion Brewing Company

Takeout and outdoor dining. 5 – 8pm. Order online. Drop down to Retail menu for drinks.


Takeout only. Call (434) 288-1120. Menu.

Chimm St.

Takeout or dining at Dairy Market. Wed-Sun, 11am-8pm. Order online

Citizen Bowl

Takeout and delivery food, beer, and wine. Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm. Order online or call (434) 234-3662. Menu

College Inn

Takeout and delivery. 11am – Midnight. Order online or call (434) 977-2710. Menu.

Common House

Open to all. Curbside pickup of meals, beer, and wine. Order online or call (434) 566-0192. Menu.


Curbside pick-up and outdoor dining. Tues-Sat 4:30pm-9:30pm. Order online or call (434) 328-2519.

Continental Divide

Takeout only. Wed – Sat, 5 – 7pm. Order online in advance


Curbside pick-up. Wed-Sat, 11am-7pm; Sat-Sun, 9am – 2 pm. Order online or call (434) 234-2089. Menu.

Crozet Pizza

Curbside pick-up. Wed-Fri, 3-9pm; Sat-Sun, 12pm-9pm. Call (434) 823-2132. Menu.

Crozet Pizza Charlottsville

Curbside pickup and delivery. Call (434) 202-0592. Menu.

Cville Supper Club

Meal kits from the team behind Bizou, Bang!, The Space, and Luce. Order by Thursday at 12 pm. Pickup or delivery Friday. Order online


Takeout and dining at Dairy Market. Wed-Thu, 11am-8pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-9pm; Sun, 11am-8pm. Order online

El Puerto

Takeout only. 11am – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 872-9488. Menu.


Curbside pick-up only. Mon-Thu, 11am – 6:45pm; Fri-Sat, 11am – 7:45pm. Order online or call (434) 212-1377. Menu.


Takeout, curbside pick-up, and personal grocery shopping delivery. Mon-Fri, 10am – 3:30pm. Order online or call (434) 244-7800.


Takeout and on-premises dining. Tue-Thu, 11am – 8 pm; Fri-Sat, 11am – 9pm; Sun 10am – 3pm. Order online.

Fox’s Cafe

Takeout only. Mon-Sat 6:30am – 2:30pm. Call (434) 293-2844. Menu.

Fry’s Spring Station

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Mon-Fri, 4 – 9pm; Sat-Sun, 11am – 9pm. Call (434) 202-2257 or order online

Great Harvest

Curbside-pickup and USPS delivery. Order online or call (434) 202-7813. Limited quantities/varieties baked fresh daily.

Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

Takeout food and coffee. Download the app to order online or call (434) 984-0200. Menu.

Greenwood Gourmet

Curbside pick-up only. Wed-Sun, 11am – 4 pm. Order online.


Takeout and delivery only. Mon-Sat, 10am – 8pm; Sun, 10am – 6pm. Order online or call (434) 465-2108. Menu.

Himalayan Fusion

Takeout only. Tue-Sun 12-7pm. Order online or call (434) 293-3210.

Holly’s Diner

Takeout and on-premises dining. Mon-Sat, 5pm – 10:30 pm. Call (434) 234-4436. Menu


Takeout, delivery, and curbside pick-up of food, beer, and wine. Call (434) 295-6037. Menu.

Iron Paffles

Takeout only, with table-side, contactless pick-up. Order online or call (434) 806-3800. Menu.

Ivy Provisions

Takeout and curbside pick-up. 11am – 3 pm. Call (434) 202-1308 or order online.     


Takeout. Order online or call (434) 328-2775. Menu.

Kardinal Hall

Curbside pick-up and on-premises dining of food, beer, wine, and cocktails. Tue-Sat, 11am – 10pm; Sun, 11am-8pm. Order online.


Takeout and curbside pick-up. Mon – Fri, 11am-3pm. Menu.

La Michoacana

Takeout and on-premises dining. Mon-Sat, 11am – 9 pm. Menu


Takeout only. Tue-Fri, 11am – 7 pm; Sat, 12pm – 7pm. Order online or call (434) 244-8424. Menu.

L’Etoile Catering

Takeout only. First come, first served of soups and take-and-bake meals. Menus updated on Facebook.


Takeout and curbside pick-up. 4 pm – 7 pm. Order online.

Mahana Fresh

Takeout. Order online or call (434) 284-5846. Menu.

Mangione’s on Main

Takeout and on-premises dining. Mon-Wed, 4-8pm; Thu-Sun, 4-9pm. Call (434) 327-4833. Menu.

Marco & Luca (Seminole Square location)

Takeout only. Mon-Sat, 10:30am – 7pm. Call (434) 227-6690. Menu.


Takeout and delivery only. Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 11:30 am – 3 pm, 5 pm – 8:30 pm; Sat, 11:30 am – 9 pm; Sun, 11:30 am – 8 pm. Order online or call (434) 956-4110. Menu.

Mel’s Cafe

Call (434) 971-8819. Menu.

Mellow Mushroom

Curbside pick-up and delivery only. 11am – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 972-9366. Menu.

Mi Casita

Takeout and delivery only. Tue-Sun, 9am – 7pm. Call (434) 984-1551. Menu.

Michie Tavern

Curbside pick-up only. 11am – 5 pm. Free delivery for orders over $50. Call (434) 977-1234. Menu.


Takeout, curbside, pick-up and delivery only. Tue-Thu, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm and 5:00 – 8:00 pm.  Fri-Sat, 11:30 am – 8:00 pm, Sun 11:30 am – 7:30 pm. Order online or call (434) 284-5165. Menu.

Moe’s Originial BBQ:  Ivy Road and Water Street

Takeout, curbside pickup, and boxed and catered meals. Call (434) 244-7427 (Ivy Road) or (434) 202-2288 (Water Street).

Mona Lisa Pasta

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Order by email at or call (434) 295-2494. Menus.

Monsoon Siam

Takeout and delivery. Mon-Thurs 12pm – 2:30pm, 5pm – 8:30pm; Fri 11am – 2:30pm, 5 – 9pm; Sat-Sun 12 – 2:30pm, 5 – 9pm. Order online or call (434) 971-1515. Menu.

Monsoon Siam Togogo

Takeout only. Mon – Fri, 11am – 2 pm; Mon – Sun, 4:30pm – 8:30pm. Order online or call (434) 284-7117. Menu.

Now & Zen

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. 5-9pm. Call (434) 971-1177. Menu.

Oakhurst Inn Cafe

Takeout, delivery, and patio seating. Thu-Sun, 8am – 1pm. Order online or call (434) 872-0100 x 2. Menu.


Curbside pick-up and delivery of food and retail wine. Call (434) 975-6796. Menu.

Otto Turkish Street Food

Takeout and on-premises dining. 11am – 9 pm. Call (434) 328-8786. Menu

Paradox Pastry

Curbside pick-up, counter service, and on-premises dining. Wed-Sun, 8 am – 2 pm. Order online

Pearl Island

Takeout and curbside pick-up. Mon-Fri, 11am – 8 pm. Saturday, 10am – 4pm. Also available for “micro-catering.” Call or text (434) 305-4238. Menu.

Petit Mariebette

Takeout, curbside pick-up, and delivery only. 8am-2pm. Order online or call. Menu.

Poke Sushi Bowl

Takeout only. Order online or call (434) 328-8833 (The Corner) or (434) 284-5466 (Barracks). Menu.


Takeout only. Order online.

Quality Pie

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Order online or call (434) 284-5120. Menu.

Random Row Brewing

Curbside pick-up only of beer. 4 – 8 pm. Order online.


Takeout and patio dining. Mon-Sat 12 – 8 pm, Sun 12 pm – 3 pm. Order online


Curbside pick-up. Mon-Thu 12pm – 7pm, Friday 12pm – 8pm, Saturday 3 – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 465-2421. Menu.

Riverside Lunch

Takeout and on-premises dining. 9 am – 5 pm. Call (434) 971-3546. Menu.


Takeout only. Order with the App or call (434) 529-6229. Menu.

Royalty Eats

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Order online or call (434) 923-3287. Menu

Sabor Latino

Takeout only. 8am – 9pm. Call (434) 205-4622. Menu.

Selvedge Brewing

Takeout and on-premises dining. Dinner: Tue-Sun, 5-9 pm; Lunch: Fri-Sun, 12pm-3pm. Order online


Curbside and takeout only. 11am – 8 pm. Call (434) 202-2568 or order online


Takeout only. Order online: PrestonPantops.

Super Amanacer

Takeout and delivery.  Order online or call (434) 295-9671. Menu.

Szechuan Restaurant

Takeout only. Order online or call (434) 296-9090. Menu.

Take It Away

The Corner: Takeout only. 10am – 3pm. Order online

Dairy Market: Takeout and dining at Dairy Market. Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm; Sun 11am-6pm. Order online

Tara Thai

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 984-9998. Menu.

Taste of China

Takeout and on-premises dining. 11:30 am – 8:30 pm. Order online.  

Taste of India

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 984-9944. Menu.

Thai 99 II

Curbside pick-up and delivery only. 11:30 am – 9:30 pm. Closed Tuesdays. Order online or call (434) 964-1212. Menu.

Thai Cuisine & Noodle House

Curbside pick-up and delivery only. Order online and then call (434) 974-1326 to have food brought to your car. For delivery, $25 minimum or $5 fee if under. Call for availability. Menu

Thai Fresh

Takeout only.  11am – 8:30pm. Order online or call (434) 249-5291. Menu.

The Bebedero

Takeout and delivery only. Family meals available. 11am – 7pm. Call (434) 234-3762. Menu.

The Fitzroy

Takeout and on-premises dining. Wed-Thu, 5pm-9m; Fri-Sat, 5pm – 11pm. Sun, 10:30am – 2pm, 5 pm – 9pm. Order online.

The Local

Curbside pickup or delivery, in tandem with Junction. On-premises dining. 4 – 9pm.  Order online. Menu.

The Mill Room

Takeout and nearby delivery. 4 – 7pm. Menus.

The Pie Chest

Takeout and curbside pick-up. Mon – Sat, 9am – 4pm. For curbside pick-up, call (434) 977-0443. Menu.

The Shebeen

Curbside pick-up, and on-premises dining 10am – 7pm. Discounted regular menu. Call (434) 296-3185. Menu.

The Southern Crescent

Takeout, curbside pick-up, and on-premises dining. Wed-Sun, 12pm – 8pm. Call (434) 284-5101. Menu.

The Villa Diner

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. 8am – 3pm. Call (434) 296-9977. Menu.

The Whiskey Jar

Takeout, delivery, and on-premises dining. Family meals available. 11am – 7pm. Call (434) 202-1549. Menu.

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery

Curbside pick-up and delivery of food, beer, and wine. Sun-Thurs, 12-8pm; Fri-Sat, 12-9pm. Order online or call (434) 956-3141. Menu.

Thyme & Co. 

Takeout only. 11am – 3pm. Call (434) 282-2436. Menu.


Takeout, curbside pick-up, and “picnic-style” patio dining. 12 – 6pm, Fri-Mon. Order online.

Timberwood Grill

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Order online or call (434) 975-3311. Menu.

Tip Top

Takeout and on-premises dining. Mon-Sat, 6am – 9pm; Sun, 6am – 3 pm. Call (434) 244-3424. Menu.


Takeout and on-premises dining. Wed-Sat, 11am-10pm, Sun, 12pm-8pm. Order online

Vita Nova

Takeout. Order online or call (434) 977-0162. Menu.

Vision BBQ

Thu-Mon, 11 am – 7 pm. Order online or call (434) 443-4352. Menu


Takeout, curbside pick-up, delivery, and patio seating. 5-9pm. Order online or call (434) 979-0994. Leave a message with name, phone number and desired pick up time. Menu.

Vu Noodles

Takeout only. Tue – Sat, 11am – 7pm. Order online or call (434) 465-1267. Menu.

Wayside Chicken

Takeout window only. Mon – Sat, 11am – 7pm. Call (434) 977-5000. Menu.

Al Carbon Rotisserie Chicken, Charlottesville, VA 10/05/2015

Chicken from Al Carbon. Photo by Tom McGovern

pork steak

Grilled Pork Steak, Oakhart Social.

Pronto! Offers Free Meals for All School Children


For some, no school means no lunch. Pronto!, the fresh pasta restaurant on The Corner, is offering free meals for all school-aged children. This is an extraordinary gesture at a time when COVID-19 is devastating restaurants’ revenues. A statement from Pronto! co-owner Daniel Kaufman: 

Due to the local school closures, as well as our massive slowdown in business, we have decided to offer a free meal to any school-aged child needing one until further notice. We have food, they need food, it’s a no-brainer. Come on in anytime, no questions asked. Please note our hours may vary from those posted. Feel free to call ahead to ensure we are open. 434-202-7638.

Taking Care: Charlottesville Restaurants Halt Onsite Service


Below is a message from Charlottesville restaurants. Additional signatories will be added as they are confirmed. Many of the restaurants below are creating takeout programs. See takeout options here.


We are deeply saddened to announce that, due to the threat posed by COVID-19, we are  halting on-site service at our restaurants. For some of us, this will mean temporary closures, while for others it will mean shifting to a model of solely takeout or delivery.

This decision is heart-breaking. We all entered this industry because of our passion to care for people. The change in operations will prevent us from caring for our guests and staff in the same manner that we have always enjoyed. But, for the time being, we have come to realize that the best way for us to care for people is to reduce the temptation for them to congregate, and thereby slow the spread of a virus that threatens our community.

Our hope is that circumstances will soon allow us to resume normal operations without the risk of spreading a pandemic. When that time comes, rest assured that we will return as passionate as ever to serve you.

Be safe.

Ace Biscuit & Barbecue
Al Carbon
Beer Run
Brasserie Saison
Champion Grill
Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie
Ivy Inn
Ivy Provisions
Kardinal Hall
Little Star
Monsoon Siam
Monsoon Siam Togogo
North American Sake Brewery
Oakhart Social
Peloton Station
Petit Pois
Petite MarieBette
Public Fish & Oyster
Prime 109
Revolutionary Soup
Sticks Kebab Shop
The Alley Light
The Bebedero
The Fitzroy
The Local
The Shebeen
The Whiskey Jar

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