#29: PMB Grilled Cheese – Petite MarieBette

by Charlottesville29

The Grilled Cheese

It might seem odd to go somewhere specifically for a grilled cheese, but the royal treatment that Petit MarieBette gives the humble staple of pool snack bars and children’s menus makes it destination-worthy. Will Darsie’s attention to detail elevates the sandwich with Pennsylvania cheddar and Alpine gruyere on the bakery’s own sourdough.  A thin layer of Duke’s mayo on the outside of the bread before grilling seals the deal with color, crispness, and flavor. When a grilled cheese craving creeps, the PMB Grilled cheese satisfies like none other in town.

#29: PMB Grilled Cheese – Petite MarieBette
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches 

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