The 2022 Charlottesville 29: This Year’s List of Charlottesville’s Essential Restaurants

by Charlottesville29

The 2022 Charlottesville 29 is here.

Each year, The Charlottesville 29 answers: if there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29? Background here and here. Annual cuts become ever more difficult, as openings outpace closings. For the second year in a row, though, circumstances warrant an exemption from the removal of any restaurants from The Charlottesville 29. Whatever the criteria might be for entry into the The Charlottesville, they do not include how restaurants cope with a pandemic. And so, The 2022 Charlottesville 29 is comprised of the same restaurants as 2021. All are still worthy.

Stay tuned in 2023, though, for the likelihood of substantial changes to the 29. 2021 brought a stellar group of openings, which this year vied for Best New Restaurant, and next year will become eligible for The Charlottesville 29 for the first time.

As in prior years, this year’s Charlottesville 29 includes a description of why each restaurant was selected, as well as an updated ordering guide, with recommendations from the restaurant’s chef/owner and appearances in Five Finds on Friday.

With that: The 2022 Charlottesville 29.