Best Bites: Highlights from Charlottesville’s Culture of Takeout

by Charlottesville29

In the face of a pandemic that threatens their very existence, Charlottesville restaurants have shown resolve. They want nothing more than to serve us. Thanks to their resolve, Charlottesville food is as delicious as ever. During a dark pandemic, Charlottesville restaurant meals bring light into the lives of thousands.

Let’s celebrate the highlights thus far – best bites from the Culture of Takeout. Want to share your favorites in Five Finds on Friday? Enter for a chance to win here.

Vegetarian platter from Sultan Kebab.
Punjabi Masala Catfish from Kanak.
Smashburger from TEN Sushi.
Egg sandwich made with leftover marinara pizza from Lampo.
Short ribs from Zocalo.
“The Fox” from Bodo’s.
Hot Carl from Lampo.
Chicken in mole from Conmole.
Gambas from MAS.
Lobster tart from Fleurie.
Fish sandwich from Public Fish & Oyster.
Steak & Cheese from Belle.
Meatloaf sandwich from Blue Moon Diner.
Pupusa de harina de arroz from Super Amanecer.
Korean Fried Chicken from Maru.
Oxtail Fridays from Pearl Island.
Moussaka from Ivy Inn.
Mixto taco from Carnitas Chacarron.
Whole belly clams from Tavola.
Frikadellen sandwich from The Bavarian Chef food truck.
Torta de chorizo y lengua from Tacoz Gomez.
Ham and cheese croissant from The Workshop.
Shaved salad from Oakhart Social.
Pernil sandwich from Oakhurst Inn Cafe.
Egg rolls from Champion Grill.
Pastrami of beef heart from Al + Mae’s.
Tomatoes from Whisper Hill Farm with za’atar manousheh from Thyme & Co.
Meatballs from Vivace.
Oyster Po Boy from The Whiskey Jar.
Honey nut tart from Allie Redshaw.
Western Philly from TCO2GO.
Wings from Ace Biscuit & Barbecue.
Crudo made with sashimi from Waje Sushi at Foods of All Nations.
Chicken from Al Carbon.
Pulled pork from Pachamama Peru.
Fat and Sassy with sausage and bacon from Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie.
Crispy rolls and rice noodles from Vu Noodles.
Lasagna from Beer Run.
Grandpa’s Favorite from Pad Thai.
Mushroom quesadilla from Farmacy.
Croquetas from Little Star.
Double H Farm pork chop from Maya.
Chanfana de borrego from the Passport Menu at Orzo.
Fava shoots from Land in Hand, the CSA from Petit Pois.
Lumpia from Little Manila.
Twenty Paces Round Bale and Caromont Farm Caciotta from Feast!
Hake sliders on squid ink buns from Prime 109.
Pistachio gelato with cardamom, orange blossom water, and chopped pistachios from Splendora’s.
Lamb sandwich from The Barbeque Exchange.