Five Finds on Friday: Sara Goldsmith

by Charlottesville29


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Sara Goldsmith, who runs the brand new Feast! Truck at Main Street Market. Ideal for folks who need a morning Feast! fix, the converted 1974 cherry red Citroën H Van is open M-F 7:30-3 and Saturday 9-4, serving Red Rooster coffee, made-to-order breakfast, and grab-and-go lunch. Goldsmith’s picks:

1) Rotisserie Chicken at Al Carbon. “They have stayed consistent with their incredible recipe from Day One!”

2) Beef Brisket at BBQ Exchange. “It is totally worth the drive to Gordonsville. Tender and beautifully seasoned.”

3) Salmon Nanban appetizer at Now & Zen. “Spicy and cooked to perfection. I order this as my meal, and am always satisfied.”

4) CB&J Smoothie at The Juice Laundry. “Cashew butter, dragonfruit, and bananas are just a few of the delicious organic ingredients. Great as a meal or a snack any time of the year.”

5) Nicoise Quinoa Bowl at Feast!. “High grade tuna, Nicoise olives, and boiled local eggs on a bed of well-seasoned quinoa. It is so simple and fresh. I am addicted.”