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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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The Charlottesville 29 Challenge: Free Restaurant Meals for Those in Need


Need a meal? Have one on us. Want to give meals to others? You can do that, too. All while providing Charlottesville restaurants cash flow they need to survive. The Charlottesville 29 Challenge. Here’s how it works. And, thank you to realtor Matt Kneece for the idea.

The Charlottesville 29 has started tabs at Al Carbon and Bashir’s for anyone who could use a meal right now. Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet, are battling COVID-19 on the front lines, or just could use a meal, a free meal is yours until the tabs run out. No questions asked.

1) If you would like a meal, call Al Carbon at (434) 202-2609 or Bashir’s at (434) 923-0927 and ask for a meal on The Charlottesville 29 tab. Until The Charlottesville 29 tab is exhausted, the restaurants will provide you a free meal.

2) If you would like to donate to the The Charlottesville 29 tab, this is the easiest way to help. Just call Al Carbon at (434) 202-2609 or Bashir’s at (434) 923-097 and ask to donate to The Charlottesville 29 tab. The restaurants will replenish the tab with your donations.  

3) If you would like to start your own restaurant tab, call the restaurant of your choice, and ask if they are able to set up a tab for free meals for others. Provide your credit card information and the tab amount ($100? $200? $500?). Next: post on social media about the tab you have started and tag two friends to challenge them either: (1) to donate to an existing tab; or (2) start their own. Also, to help the challenge grow, tag The Charlottesville 29 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and Matt Kneece (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). #TheCharlottesville29Challenge


Five Finds on Friday: Chrissy Benninger and Kyra Miller


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come Chrissy Benninger and Kyra Miller – the mother-duo daughter behind Bluegrass Grill & Bakery, which Benninger owns and Miller manages. They have both joint and separate picks:

1) Princess Cake at Albemarle Baking Company (both). “This cake has been our family’s favorite for years, especially for birthdays, and it even made an appearance as Kyra’s wedding cake. I would break my strict autoimmune diet any day of the week for a piece of Princess Cake.”

2) Volcano Roll at Now & Zen (both). “Now & Zen is one of our ‘special dinner’ places to go. We’ve had numerous plates there but the one we love the most is the Volcano Roll. Everything there is fresh and huge, and the staff is amazing.”

3) Cinnamon Maple Twist at Paradox Pastry (Kyra). “I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny, and was able to try many of Paradox’s buttery, sweet, delicious pastries. The cinnamon maple twist is incredible and possibly one of the best sweets I’ve ever had.”

4) Campechano Tacos at Tacos Gomez (Kyra). “The closest you’ll get to a traditional Mexican street taco. The homemade tortillas and sauces are amazing! My husband I always order the campechano tacos. And make sure to get a horchata, if you’re lucky enough to go when they are serving them.”

5) Roasted Chicken at Al Carbon (Chrissy). “I had a different choice in mind and then, for some reason, I thought about this chicken. It is literally the best chicken I have ever had. The. Best. I can eat half a chicken by myself. Whatever they do to that chicken is something blessed by culinary angels.”

Al Carbon Rotisserie Chicken, Charlottesville, VA 10/05/2015

Photo by Tom McGovern

Five Finds on Friday: Kathryn Saul


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Kathryn Saul, of Vivace. Saul’s Picks:

1) Chorizo Tacos and Shrimp Tacos at Al Carbon. “You get four to an order, so I always get two of each. Al Carbon is a family favorite and I swear we are there at least every other week. I always get the spicy green salsa to go with it. Delicious.”

2) Panang Curry at Thai Cuisine & Noodle House. “I get chicken and medium spice. Something about the coconut curry sauce with the green peas is my comfort food. They have such a delicious and diverse menu that there is always something for everyone.”

3) Bacon Cheeseburger at Riverside. “This is probably my favorite thing/place to eat.  Everyone is so welcoming the food is everything you want it to be.”

4) Charred Carrots at Oakhart Social.  “I have to get these every time I go and honestly I do not love cooked carrots, and would have never ordered these on my own if it wasn’t for the sharing plates there, but now I’m hooked. Those sweet and spicy pecans with the buttermilk ranch are the perfect combination.”

5) Tortilla Espanola at MAS Tapas. “Thinly sliced, perfectly cooked potatoes and egg with crusty bread and the crunch of sea salt. Melts in your mouth. MAS is a favorite date night spot and it is so hard not to get everything on their menu.”