Dinner with Dr. Leni Sorensen

by Charlottesville29


Photo by Eze Amos

Dr. Leni Sorensen may know as much about Virginia cuisine as anyone alive. For this week’s C-VILLE Weekly article, what a treat it was to dine with such a culinary historian at Commonwealth Restaurant and Sky Bar, discussing the restaurant’s take on “modern Virginia cuisine.” Read about it here.

Believe it or not, you too can dine with Dr. Sorensen, at a feast at her home. On January 13, she is hosting a Historic Farmstead Dinner at Indigo House, where she will prepare a dinner from Mary Randolph’s definitive 1824 cookbook, The Virginia House-Wife. “Learn from the cook how Virginia foods were prepared so long ago, and perhaps put on an apron to help a bit if so inclined.” The wintry menu will include Beef Gravy Soup with Vermicelli, Pickled Cucumber Salad, and Baked Brisket of Beef served with Cabbage A La Cream with savory sauces of homemade mustard, grated horseradish and Mushroom Catsup on the side. I have heard the cabbage alone warrants the visit. Dessert will be homemade Mincemeat Tarts, made with locally harvested venison.

At just $78 for such a special culinary experience with very limited availability, tickets will go fast. Reserve your spot here.