Thank You, Charlottesville, for 2017

by Charlottesville29


We in the Charlottesville area are indebted to those whose daily devotion to their craft ensures that every year is a good food year. In an industry where financial rewards can be modest, we are fortunate to have so many talented artisans who do what they do never for money, always for love. Yesterday’s post naming Kelley Tripp’s burger at Smoked the Dish of the Year was another way of saying, Thank you, Charlottesville, for 2017:

“Tripp is not the only one in the area cooking with love. All over the region, chefs and artisans devote similar care to their craft – from the humblest morsel to the most lavish feast. They make not just our meals, but our bread, our cheese, our chocolate, our pastries, our bagels, our gelato, our charcuterie, our beer, our wine, our spirits, our produce, and more. The 2017 Dish of the Year is a tribute not just to Tripp, but to everyone in the Charlottesville area who wakes up each day and cooks with love. For your efforts, we are blessed.

Here’s to lots more love in 2018.”