Five Finds on Friday: Kevin McElroy

by Charlottesville29


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Kevin McElroy, Brewer and co-founder of Randow Row Brewing Co., the new brewery on Preston Ave. whose Grand Opening is today at 4:30 pm, with Moe’s Original BBQ food truck. Details here! A beer lover, McElroy went the extra mile and included a pairing with each of his picks.

1) Vella Jack Cheese Fritters and Black Bean and Corn Relleno at ZoCaLo. “The cheese fritters are crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, and come with an awesome raspberry chili sauce and I save the leftovers for the rest of the meal. Each time you get the relleno, the spice level of the pepper varies, so its a different experience each time. Beer pairing: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale to go with the spiciness of everything.”

2) Plain Bagel with Turkey and Veggie Cream Cheese at Bodo’s. “If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add tomato and sprouts. Hands down the best bagel in Charlottesville.  With the brewery across the street, I eat plenty of meals here. Haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Beer pairing: all the beers at Random Row that I ‘have’ to test each day. Someone’s gotta do it.”

3) Cheese Pizza at Vita Nova. “Having two toddlers and a third baby on the way, I use the excuse that it’s for the kids, but Vita Nova is the best pizza in town for your money. Won’t break the bank and is a good New York style pizza with a creamy cheese topping. Beer pairing: Six pack of Hydraulion Red from Three Notch’d.”

4) Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fries at Ace Biscuit and BBQ. “As you can probably tell, I have a pretty simple palate. But the pork here doesn’t need much else. A dash of Carolina style sauce and it’s good to go. Beer pairing: PBR or Natty Boh.”

5) Red Hot Blues with “Wait a Minute” Hot Sauce at Continental Divide. “Just the right amount of heat to start your meal. Every entree I’ve had here I’ve been impressed with. Beer pairing: Sierra Nevada Pale ale, followed by one of the best margaritas in town!”