Five Finds on Friday: Micah LeMon

by Charlottesville29


On Fridays, we feature five food finds from local chefs and personalities. This week’s picks come from Micah LeMon, our area’s most devoted mixologist, who expertly oversees the bar at The Alley Light. LeMon also writes about booze for C-VILLE, and his cocktails have won notice from publications like The Local Palate. He’s so skilled that when we go to The Alley Light we just let him make whatever he wants.  LeMon’s picks:

1)  Pastrami and Provolone on an Everything with lettuce, mayo, and tomato at Bodo’s.  “Consistently the best sandwich I’ve ever had for around 5 bucks.”

2)  Seared Greek Halloumi Cheese with ouzo and tomatoes at Orzo.  “I love this dish so much.  It tastes like delicious pizza for grown ups.  That and and a bottle of Albarino and it’s going to be a good night.”

3)  Anything with Garlic Alioli at MAS. “It is the most rich, delicious dippy sauce. It also promises hours of garlic burps for the immediate future, which I like.”

4)  Wings and Beer at McGrady’s.  “Good wings, good beer, and good times.  Everyone needs a pub in their neighborhood, and McGrady’s is great one in mine.  I try to go once a week to catch up with friends over trivia.”

5)  Drinks, especially in the winter, at C&O.  “When the cold weather comes, I love catching a drink in the cozy, gnarled, bar downstairs.  It’s the kind of place where you want to go to sit, drink, and have hours-long conversation.”