Charlottesville’s New Restaurants of 2021: A Burst of Creativity as the Industry Dug In

by Charlottesville29

Seared rockfish, at Broadcloth

For the Charlottesville food community, the challenges of 2021 were relentless. Restaurants fought tooth-and-nail to survive a pandemic as well as a staff shortage crisis. Amidst it all, 2021 somehow also saw a burst of creativity, with a extraordinary number of new restaurants. In Charlottesville, 2014 is the gold standard for restaurant openings – a year that gave us Lampo, The Alley Light, Oakhart Social, Parallel 38, Public Fish & Oyster, MarieBette, and Al Carbon, among others. It’s too early to say whether 2021’s crop will have the staying power of 2014’s entrants. But, they do have the potential. Just a few of the openings this year: