Revolutionary Soup Auction: A Year of Revolutionary Soup

by Charlottesville29

Rev Soup

Here is your chance to experience Revolutionary Soup like you never have before, while helping to feed the area’s hungry: The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions. Along with all of the other restaurants in The Charlottesville 29, Revolutionary Soup has created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for whoever pledges the highest donation to The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Thanks to the generosity of Revolutionary Soup, the entire winning bid goes directly to the food bank. And, thanks to the efficiency of the food bank, each dollar donated creates four meals for the area’s hungry.

The Revolutionary Soup signature experience for The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions:

A Year of Revolutionary Soup

Owned by restaurateur Will Richey, Revolutionary Soup is one of the best places in town for an over-the-counter lunch. It is also a sneaky-good dinner option – affordable, healthy, and delicious. The auction winner will receive an entire year of Revolutionary Soup. Anytime the auction winner wants, they may walk into Revolutionary Soup and order the soup of their choice. No charge. If they tire of soup, they can order any one of Revolutionary Soup’s excellent sandwiches, salads, or daily specials.

Note: The prize is good for 365 consecutive calendar days. The auction winner may not transfer the prize, and there is a limit of one item per day.


Bidding has ended for the Revolutionary Soup auction. Winning bid: $1,600