Brasserie Saison Auction: Harvest Dinner for 20

by Charlottesville29


Here is your chance to experience Brasserie Saison like you never have before, while helping to feed the area’s hungry: The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions. Along with all of the other restaurants in The Charlottesville 29, Brasserie Saison has created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for whoever pledges the highest donation to The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Thanks to the generosity of Brasserie Saison, Afton Mountain Vineyards, and Monticello Wine Tour & Coach Co., the entire winning bid goes directly to the food bank. And, thanks to the efficiency of the food bank, each dollar donated creates four meals for the area’s hungry.

The Brasserie Saison signature experience for The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions:

Harvest Dinner for 20 at Afton Mountain Vineyards

From food to drink to service, Brasserie Saison is one of the most polished restaurants in town. The auction winner and up to nineteen guests will enjoy that polished experience in a whole new way: a harvest dinner at Afton Mountain Vineyards

The winner’s group will be chauffeured in luxury to the vineyard by Monticello Wine Tour & Coach Co., where they will enjoy a wine feast in the vineyard’s glass-enclosed pavilion. Brasserie Saison Executive Chef Tres Pittard will create a multi-course dinner themed around the winery’s harvest, with locally sourced, seasonally appropriate ingredients that highlight the bounty of the Blue Ridge. Afton Mountain winemaker Damien Blanchon will guide the group through vertical tastings of his wines, highlighting the variations that each harvest produces.

Note: The winner will schedule the dinner at a mutually convenient time with Brasserie Saison, Afton Mountain Vineyards, and Monticello Wine Tour & Coach, other than a Saturday or holiday weekend. Harvest time, during early September, is highly recommended.


Bidding has ended for the Brasserie Saison experience. Winning bid: $5,000