Five Finds on Friday: Michael Shaps

by Charlottesville29


On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Virginia Wineworks’ Michael Shaps, widely regarded as one of Virginia’s top winemakers.  Next Thursday at The Ivy Inn, Shaps’ wines will be part of a very special wine dinner, featuring a multi-course meal, paired with some of Shaps’ best wines, all for $75.  Spots are going fast.  Book yours at (434) 977-1222. Other than “everything at The Ivy Inn,” here are Shaps’ picks:

1)  Mushroom Crepes at The Alley Light.  “I was there recently with the whole staff of the Wineworks.  We were a fairly large group lounging on the couches and sharing plates.  The plates of crepes barely made it halfway around before we needed to order more.  Nobody wanted to share these!”

2)  Croissants at Albemarle Baking Company.  “They remind me of the croissants I get in Meursault.  Fresh, flaky, buttery.  No need for jam.”

3)  Vegetable Soup at C&O.  “We eat this for lunch during harvest. It’s on the late-night menu at the restaurant and would be great then, too. It is light but satisfying, seasonal and delicious.”

4)  Cheese from Feast!  “No matter what you are looking for, they will have it and help you find it. The service at the cheese counter is friendly and enthusiastic and the cheeses are of the highest quality, best selection outside of Fromagerie Hess in Beaune.”

5a)  Country Pate from JM Stock Provisions.  “It is smoky and wrapped in bacon. What more could you want?”

5b)  Martinis at Bang!  “My current favorite is Da Bomb Basil. So darn refreshing on a hot night.”