Five Finds on Friday: Curtis Shaver

by Charlottesville29


Photo courtesy of Greg Vogler.

On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Curtis Shaver, who recently left his position as sous chef of Duner’s restaurant to become executive chef of Hamiltons’ at First & Main.  Beginning this Sunday, Hamiltons’ is launching a weekly brunch – just in time for spring weather and people watching on the downtown mall from Hamiltons’ well-situated patio.   Shaver’s picks:

1)  Crispy Fried Eggplant at Taste of China.  “Taste of China is consistently good.  The soup dumplings are great too.”

2)  House-smoked Pastrami Reuben at Fardowners.  “The fact that they use pastrami and smoke it themselves makes this Reuben top notch.”

3)  Animal Crackers at Glass Haus Kitchen.  “What’s not to love about fried chicken skins and pigs ears?”

4)  Gyro or Souvlaki at Mykonos Cafe.  “A lunch time favorite of mine.”

5)  BBQ at BBQ Exchange.  “Craig is a culinary mastermind and his BBQ is worth the trip to Gordonsville.  Worst part is I never can decide on a sauce. They’re all so good.”