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Five Finds on Friday: Brooks Tanner


On Fridays, we feature five finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Brooks Tanner, who recently rejoined chef Craig Hartman at Barbecue Exchange, after previous stints with him at Fossett’s restaurant and The Statler Hotel.  Tanner’s picks:

1)  Sunday Brunch at Hamiltons’.  “Chef Curtis Shaver and his kitchen ninjas reinstated an old tradition lost to Hamiltons’: Sunday Brunch.  And boy, I am excited he did.  The Grilled Ashley Farms Chicken Breast Sandwich on Housemade Ciabatta with Pimento Cheese, House Pickles, Arugula and Brown Sugar Cured Bacon is super solid.  I also indulge in the Wagyu Corned Beef hash as it is a killer side.  Abby’s scones are a hidden gem that I have not been able to find in any bakery around town.  They are in fact the best I’ve ever had.  Sorry Mom.”

2)  Chicken Liver Pate with Cabernet Sauvignon jelly, house-cured pickles and toast at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards.  “Chef Amalia’s pate is better than the view from the patio.  Her old-school ‘ass-kicking’ approach to food inspires me every time we chat.”

3)  Sally’s Sazeracs at the Glass Haus Kitchen.  “These are a treat.  They consist of Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Absente Absinthe, Peychaud’s bitters, simple syrup and orange rind.  They will ease your mind after a long day in the hospitality biz.  I hate to write about the Glass Haus and not mention the food.  It is amazing and the menu reflects only the very best of what’s to offer. It changes frequently and is very foodie!  I never know what will be served that evening but it always exceeds even the highest of expectations.”

4)  Jalapeno Lime Cream Cheese at Bodo’s.  “It is ridiculous.  You can really put in on anything, it’s that good.  For myself, I go with the Everything Wheat Bagel BLT.  Sometimes I go back later and get a Everything Wheat Bagel with Chicken Salad, tomato and sprouts.  There is something magical about that particular cream cheese that keeps me yearning for more.”

5)  Family Meal at Palladio Restaurant.  “This is an invite only, exclusive, VIP secret to people in the know.  Luckily, I am one of those people (and now you are too).  Chef Melissa’s family meal at Palladio is insanely good.  Although it is for staff only at a certain hour daily (that I can not reveal), served in the kitchen – standing room only, I find myself planning my visits to her exactly at this moment.  I can’t help myself, I would eat there everyday if I could.  There are no limits as to what she prepares for her staff but it is a fringe benefit that should not be overlooked.  Oh, and her pecan-sticky buns are spot on.  And the best part, somehow I get the friends and family discount!! Thanks Mel!!”

Five Finds on Friday: Steve Monson


On Fridays, we feature five finds from local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Steve Monson, winemaker at Early Mountain Vineyards.  On Father’s Day, June 16, is the Early Mountain Vineyards BBQ Festival, with wine, barbecue, and even a cornhole tournament.  Monson’s picks:

1)  Black Smoke Kolsch at Champion Brewing Company, in collaboration with Glass Haus Kitchen.  “Anyone can hide bad brewing with a bunch of hops (I do it all the time) but this beer shows off a mastering of malts which give this medium bodied beer layers of complex flavors from caramel to toasted sesame seeds.”

2)  Pulpo on Parrilla at Mas Tapas.  “I like to pick this dish apart so I can enjoy the perfectly cooked octopus on its own, leaving a pile of pork to face on my own terms.”

3)  Everything Bagel with Lox Spread at Bodo’s.  “They serve other things? Maybe next year.”

4)  Margarita at Continental Divide.  “The simple, fresh ingredients really complement blanco tequila for a clean cocktail.  But, I might go for aged tequila if I’m feeling swarthy.”

5)  Fried Oysters and a Potter’s Craft Cider at The Whiskey Jar.  “The cider really cuts through the fried batter.  It’s like every oyster is the first.”

Five Finds on Friday: Pei Chang

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On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Pei Chang, chef of TEN Sushi.  And, on Mother’s Day weekend, the mother of his three young children made the list!  Chang’s picks:

1)  Meatloaf Sandwich at Stonefire Kitchen.  “Artisanal sandwiches and salads engineered by Jeremy Butterfield, a kitchen witch who’s just giving us a taste.”

2)  Octopus Carpaccio at Glass Haus Kitchen.  “It goes without saying that Ian Boden and his team are putting up the most interesting food in town.  Inspired combinations that just work.”

3)  Pappardelle Ragu at Tavola. “The perfect neighborhood restaurant.  Mike and Loren kill it nightly.”

4)  Short Ribs at Hanu Truck.  “A fellow So-Cal transplant who is sharing the flavors of Los Angeles, Koreatown and the surrounding areas with Charlottesville.  And, he’s doing it well.  Can’t go wrong with the short ribs, be it tacos, mulitas or tortas.  ”

5)  Spinach Balls by Caroline Chang.  “Wifey’s spinach balls are a wonder to behold.  I’m a fan of spinach as well as food in ball form.”