Five Finds on Friday: Dahlia Lithwick

by Charlottesville29

On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s come from political observer Dahlia Lithwick, who is not just the nation’s leading Supreme Court writer, but also a lover of Charlottesville food.  Lithwick’s picks:

1)  Truffled Mushroom Ragout at The LocalMy ongoing problem is that although I love everything on the menu at The Local, if I don’t get the truffled mushroom pasta I get depressed.  Also, the one time I got a half-order I got depressed too.  Best just to scarf down the whole bowl and smile.

2)  Coriander Fish Rolls at Peter Chang’s China GrillThese are stupidly delicious.

3)  Must Khiar (cold yogurt soup) at Ariana Grill Kabob HouseYou are either a cold soup person or you aren’t.  But if you are and you haven’t had this one, you should.  Dunk their bread in it.  Use it as raita over everything!  Oh my god, just writing this makes me need some Right Now.

4)  Boquerones con ajo at Mas.  (Plump white Cantabrian anchovy filets in an olive oil, garlic, lemon marinade).  Possibly not a first-date food.

5)  Black Bean Breakfast Burrito at Bluegrass Grill and BakeryBut I could have picked any breakfast item at random and said the same.