Five Finds on Friday: Harrison Keevil

by Charlottesville29

Photo by Jen Fariello.

On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs, personalities, or readers.  This week’s picks come from Harrison Keevil, chef of Brookville, which he co-owns with his wife Jennifer.  Keevil’s five picks:

1)  Heaven and Hell Sandwiches at BBQ Exchange.  I love Craig’s Q and when he put these on his menu I had to get them.  They are filled with my favorite ingredient, pork.  Just prepare yourself when about to eat both because they will put you on the couch and into a food coma.   (Heaven:  pulled pork, over-easy egg, melted cheddar cheese, “Sticky Love” bacon, baconnaise, lettuce and tomato on a house made roll.  Hell: habanero fried mac and cheese balls, tempura-batter fried ghost pepper bacon, pickled Thai dragon chiles, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spicy chimichurri, and “Caution Hot” ghost pepper sauce on a house made hoagie roll.)

2)  Korobuta Pork Belly Sandwich at The BoxI fell in love with Banh Mi sandwiches when I lived in San Francisco.  When Pei took over the menu at The Box and created this adaptation of the Banh Mi , I went straight to get it.

3)  Earlysville Sandwich on French at Bellair Market. Just love this sandwich.  (Note:  This sandwich typically comes on sourdough, but Keevil prefers French instead.)

4)  Chef Tasting Menu at Clifton InnTucker and his crew do a great job and I love going to the Clifton Inn, which is actually where my wife and I met, and just put myself in their hands.  They never disappoint.

5)  Two Al Pastor Tacos and one Chicken Tamale at City Market.  It is how I start every Saturday at 7 am before I go buy the day’s menu items at the market for Brookville.