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Five Finds on Friday: Siân Richards


Photo by Will May

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Siân Richards, co-owner of Market Street Wine. When Market Street Wineshop closed in February after the owner retired, long-time employees Richards and Thadd McQuade came to the rescue and are resurrecting the shop as Market Street Wine. “We hope that as things are changing so much in Charlottesville, we will be able to continue an institution that the community has loved while also giving it a bit of new life,” says Richards. Tomorrow, April 21, Market Street Wine officially opens its doors, with an Open House from 1-4 pm. Richards’ picks:

1) Egg, Cheddar and Salsa Hand Pie at The Pie Chest. “I love going into The Pie Chest. I love the space and the smell of chai, and I love looking at all the beautiful pies laid out for sale. My real Pie Chest addiction is the vegetarian breakfast hand pie. I have eaten way more of those than is probably advisable in these last weeks while we have been getting the shop ready to open. They are beautifully made, delicious and filling. Stopping to pick one up feels more like a special treat than a meal to go.”

2) Tofu Vegetable Pho at Thai Cuisine and Noodle House. “The tofu pho at Thai Cuisine was a really pleasant surprise. I am always on the lookout for a super tasty bowl of noodles without meat and I was thrilled to find that theirs was fragrant and savory and really good.”

3) Sauteed Escarole and Margherita Pizza at Lampo. “I love going to Lampo. I am really impressed that they are able to balance offering a meal that is carefully prepared, in a comfortable atmosphere, and at a very reasonable price. I always feel like I have had a nice meal out without a scene or a big bill. Their small wine selection is equally balanced.”

4) Grilled Cheese To-Go Wrapped in Wax Paper from Timberlake’s. “A grilled cheese and a bag of chips from Timberlake’s has some kind of sensory/memory mojo for me. The smell, the gooey cheese and the feel of the wax paper. Perfect.”

5) Asparagus from Crazy Farm at City Market. “I am not a morning person but 7 am City Market grocery shopping is where it’s at. Before the crowds. I always feel so rich walking home with my bags bursting.”



Five Finds on Friday: John Schaible


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from John Schaible, chef of the new-and-improved Fry’s Spring Station, under the guidance of Ben Thompson and Tommy Lasley. Schaible first worked with Lasley at Orzo and Thomspon at The Rock Barn, before they both suggested he take some time away from Charlottesville to train in other venues. After stints at two highly acclaimed spots – Westchester’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Brooklyn’s The Meat Hook – Schaible, who has been dubbed Johnny Meat, has returned to town to run the kitchen at Fry’s Spring Station. Schaible’s picks:

1)  The Gobbfather at Ivy Provisions.  “Always a healthy start to my day – hahaha! When I can squeeze past 40 other people and get a sandwich, it’s the Gobbfather and a Traeger Brothers coffee. The staff is actually really friendly and the space is fun and pretty accessible. They carry great product, wine, beer and lots of grocery for adding to your pantry or inventory.”

2) Potato, Egg, and Cheese Taco by Brazos Tacos from Atlas Coffee. “Atlas is right next to Fry’s, so if I can’t have a Gobbfather in the morning, I get a taco from the steam table. Laurie at Atlas is one of the coolest business owners and she introduced me to this great idea that Brazos has and their awesome tacos.”

3)  Cheddar Jalapeno Dogs from The Rock Barn at the City Market. “Though I don’t butcher with Ben any more, if I have some time Saturday morning, I stop by the Market to give him or his crew some guff and pick up these dogs. Ben’s products are  really great and he isn’t afraid to R&D new stuff and test it on the public.”

4)  Raw Fish Salad at Now & Zen. “Really just the best for a quiet lunch and to satiate any raw fish cravings a meat eater finds when they are low on omega 3s. I have always really liked Now & Zen. They do really good, fun sushi for a very affordable price. Their raw fish salad is pretty amazing. Fresh, light, citric and loaded with salmon, tuna, mackerel, scallop. It’s like their kitchen fish sink.”

5)  Manhattan at The Whiskey Jar. “Something about Charlottesville brought out my love of bourbon. The Whiskey Jar has pretty simple straightforward and perfected cocktails. A Manhattan does it for me. I like the casual and social feel of the Jar and sometimes, when I am lucky, I get to see Red and the Romantics there.”


Five Finds on Friday: Charlie Toder


On Fridays, we feature five food finds from local chefs and personalities. This week’s picks come from certified cicerone Charlie Toder, Beer Curator at Kardinal Hall.  Next month, Toder will preside over Kardinal Hall’s first beer dinner, where chef Thomas Leroy will prepare a multi-course feast showcasing Autumn Olive Farms pork and cheese by Nabdjeeb Chouaf of Flora Artisanal Cheese.  Restaurant clients of Autumn Olive Farms typically buy a whole pig at a time, and many restaurant menus, like Kardinal Hall’s, feature mainstream, crowd-pleasing cuts of pork.  For the beer dinner, though, Leroy will utilize the leftover “other bits” (the best parts!).  For more details and ticket info, check back here on Monday, December 21 at 4 pm.  Tickets will go fast.  Toder’s picks:

1) Saturday Morning Randall at Beer Run.  “Randall maestro Noel Scott and I have been friends for years, and it’s always fun to see what crazy concoction he’s whipped up. A glass of Randalled beer and a couple of Beer Run breakfast tacos will cure whatever ails you on Saturday morning (especially a hangover).”

2) Slow Roasted Pork from Pearl Island at the Charlottesville City Market.  “When I’m shopping at the Charlottesville City Market I almost always grab a plate of this delicious Caribbean pork. It’s juicy, tender, well seasoned, and comes with yummy greens and plantains.”

3)  Early Sunday Dinner at The Alley Light.  “Like everyone else in Charlottesville, I’m hooked on the fantastic food and drink at The Alley Light. To avoid the crowds and wrangle experimental cocktails out of the bar staff, I go on Sundays around 5 o’clock. The bar is either empty or filled with other bartenders, which brings the wackiness out of the best drink makers in town.”

4)  Kale Slaw at Timbercreek Market. “I’m incredibly lucky to work next door to such a stupendous market and lunch spot. Every time I go for lunch I have to pick up a container of this slaw to take home.”

5)  Funghi Pizza at Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria. “The pizza at Lampo is the best I’ve had outside of Italy. The funghi pizza is simple, with the cheese and mushrooms complementing the crust perfectly. The crust is the star of the show at Lampo, which is what defines truly world-class pizza.”

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