Lampo x 2: Belmont Pizzeria Plans a Second Location

by Charlottesville29



What’s better than Lampo?

Two Lampos!

The latest silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic comes from the Belmont pizzeria that, in just six years, has racked up multiple awards for best restaurantbest chef, and Dish of the Year. Lampo is planning a second location, for takeout only.

Ever since Lampo started slinging Neapolitan pies and sandwiches in 2014, regulars have clamored for takeout. But, the restaurant’s tiny kitchen and space did not allow it. Until COVID-19.

When precautions against the spread of the virus required restaurants to halt on-premises dining, Lampo turned to takeout. Business soared. Lampo’s daily pizza sales have actually increased during the pandemic. This made Lampo’s owners realize that, after the pandemic subsides, the combined demand for Lampo takeout and on-premises dining will well-exceed capacity. And so, the idea for a second location was born.

But, booming business is not the only reason for Lampo’s second location. Another is the team’s belief that it is not yet prudent to resume on-premises dining, even as Phase Two of Governor Northam’s public health restrictions allows it, beginning June 5. For all of its virtues, the cozy Belmont pizzeria does not lend itself well to social distancing. And so, once the new takeout spot is up and running, the team will close its original location to renovate. The availability of a second location for takeout will leave the team all the time they need to develop processes and infrastructure that will ensure that, when guests do resume dining at Lampo, they can do so without compromising public health. Once that happens, the original Lampo will re-open for on-premises dining, and the new Lampo will continue takeout.

The takeout-only Lampo will be in the former Sweethaus home in IX Park, 929 2d Street SE. Construction begins soon, with the aim to open this summer. Guests can expect the same menu as the original Lampo, with just a few possible tweaks.

Takeout panuozzo anytime you want. Shorter lines at Lampo. The post-pandemic world awaits.


Photo by Tom McGovern.