UVa Football Great Charles McDaniel Wins Ten Auction

by Charlottesville29


Charles McDaniel has many claims to fame. The Virginia Football great is the second leading tackler in school history. He runs the award-winning moving company Hilldrup. And, in 2016, he won The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auction item Burgers with Bronco, a special evening at Citizen Burger Bar

Now, he is the winner of an auction in The 2019 Charlottesville Restaurant Auctions: TEN’s Luxury Omakase. “Sushi chef Pei Chang will plan ahead to make sure he has the very best ingredients available in order to create an indulgent menu of course-after-course of luxury ingredients, like uni from Hokkaido, Spanish Bluefin tuna, caviar, lobster and more. Plus, guests will enjoy exotic sake and wine pairings throughout the meal.” McDaniel’s winning bid of $2,600 will provide more than 10,000 meals to our area’s hungry. 

Thank you, Charles. Thank you, TEN.