Five Finds on Friday: Sidney Hall

by Charlottesville29


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Sidney Hall, who this week opened Moon Maiden’s Delights, a sprouted grain, gluten-free and vegan bakery in York Place on the downtown mall. Hall has baked professionally for nine years, and says she “loves to surprise people with how delicious and nourishing a food category can be that is often compared to cardboard and gets many an eye roll.” Open today 8-3. Hall’s picks:

1) Colima Volcan De Fuego Coffee from Shark Mountain Coffee. “I don’t wake up for anything except this glorious sweet coffee nectar that brings me to life.”

2) Sous Poulet from Pearl Island. “The farmer’s market is a super fun place to work. Especially fun when I get a free moment and can mow down some delicious and aromatic, tomato-y stewed chicken with a heaping side of vinegared kale and watermelon turnips…or is it radishes? Anyways, I know what you’re thinking.”

3) La Cura Loca from The Bebedero. “Scorpion infused mezcal, limoncello, and brown ale. Being a server at The Bebedero granted me a lot of amazing opportunities to taste interesting cocktails. This one was so damn good.”

4) Late Night Pork Tacos from C&O. “These seem like a long lost distant memory to me, as I keep baking hours now, so no more staying out past 11. But, I might do it just one more time for these juicy beauties topped with vinegar dredged slaw.”

5) Quail Stuffed with Mushrooms and Pistachios, Sauteed Endive, Quail Jus from Fleurie. “This is definitely the way to start off a meal. Such rich flavors and enjoyable textures. Pistachios plus mushrooms plus quail is a heavenly bite each time.”