ABC: What Would We Do Without It?

by Charlottesville29


Albemarle Baking Company is so essential to our food community that it’s hard to imagine life without it.  Few, if any, food businesses would Charlottesville miss more than the world-class bakery opened in 1995 by Gerry Newman and Millie Carson.  Sundays, when the bakery is closed, are our weekly reminder not to take it for granted.

One longtime restaurateur I spoke with recently can recall life B.ABC.  (before Albemarle Baking Company), and shudders at the thought.  “There was no bread!” she said. “We had to bake our own.”  Even setting aside the way the bakery’s bread makes our sandwiches, its cakes improve our celebrations, and its delicious pastries brighten all of our mornings, think how much we would miss the ritual that ties together restaurant experiences all over town. A sliced ABC baguette with butter.  It’s how we start a meal in Charlottesville.