Timbercreek Market Grilled Cheese

by Charlottesville29


With the opening of Timbercreek Market just weeks away, chef Allie Redshaw has moved beyond behind-the-scenes practicing and honing dishes for the menu to full-fledged dress rehearsal.  Starting today at The Whiskey Jar, Redshaw will be offering items she has planned for Timbercreek Market.  Today’s dish is a gussied-up grilled cheese called Straight Outta Comté.

On two slices of brioche from Albemarle Baking Co., Redshaw spreads her own bone marrow torchon made from Timbercreek’s bones. Next comes the Comté, a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese from eastern France sourced by award-winning cheesemonger, and Timbercreek Market partner, Nadjeeb Chouaf.  The Comté, Chouaf said, is from Marcel Petite in the Jura, with notes of hazelnut, fried onion, ripe berry and grass.  “Its sweetness and briny flavor blend well with the bone marrow,” said Redshaw, who then takes the whole thing and fries it in butter.  Voila.

“Decadent” as she puts it.  I think that means fat-free.