Caramelized Onions w/ Noodles at The Spot

by Charlottesville29


News flash!  Meatless lunch sates carnivore.

Meals from vegetarian eateries can sometimes leave meat-eaters wanting more.  Sure, they are healthy, but even when delicious, some are as satisfying as a swing-and-a-miss with a Wiffle ball bat.  One of the main reasons meat-lovers crave meat is the umami flavor that the Maillard reaction creates when meat is seared.  Leafy-sprouty-grainy vegan things that lack umami-packed ingredients can fail to deliver the punch meat-lovers covet.

Not true of the caramelized onions and tofu noodle dish from Vu Noodles at The Spot – the tiny takeout window now open on 2nd Street.  This is the favorite dish of Vu Noodles owner Julie Vu Whitaker, and we can see why.  With caramelized onions, Vietnamese fish sauce, and fried tofu, it is a umami bomb.  The Thai basil and sprouts add spikes of flavor and crunch.  A perfect post-workout lunch. Craveworthy even for carnivores.

The Spot serves dishes from both Vu Noodles and Greenie’s.  Current hours are Lunch: Tues-Sat. 11am-2pm and Dinner: Fri. and Sat. 5-9pm.  Full menu below.

Spot Menu