Public’s Brunch Menu, Including Bodo’s!

by Charlottesville29


For years, we have wondered why more restaurants around town did not incorporate Bodo’s bagels into their menu.  In other cities we’ve visited, this would be a common practice.  If you’ve got a great local source of a bakery product, restaurants jump on it. And, even here in Charlottesville, restaurants proudly serve products of other food establishments, like Albemarle Baking Co. bread, Chap’s ice cream, or Gearhart’s chocolates.  The absence of Bodo’s from restaurant menus even made us wonder if Bodo’s somehow discouraged restaurants from serving their bagels.

As it turns out, that’s not the case.  Public Fish & Oyster has just rolled out a brunch menu, and while it looks great, what caught our eye was that their platter of House-cured lox includes a Bodo’s everything bagel.  Smart move.  Why take the time to make lox but then spoil it with an inferior accompaniment?  As Public chef Donnie Glass put it: “It’s one of those things I just KNOW I can’t do at comparable quality for comparable cost.”

Other options include brioche French toast, an oyster po’ boy, and shrimp & grits with house-cured slab bacon.

Public’s brunch debuted yesterday.  Just in time for Mother’s Day.