Two for Tuesday: Paradox Pastry and Kabab & Curry

by Charlottesville29

Food 243

1)  Pignoli Cookies at Paradox Pastry.  Ever since a bad case of pine mouth several years ago, we have approached pine nuts with trepidation.   Yes, they are tasty little seeds, but do not seem worth risking another week of misery.  After years of avoiding anything with pine nuts (pesto!), we recently took the plunge with Paradox Pastry’s Pignoli cookies.  We are glad we did.  No pine mouth (phew!), and some mighty fine cookies.  Made of sweet almond paste and dotted with pine nuts, these soft and chewy Italian cookies are one of the better renditions we’ve ever had.  Unless you have a mouth full of sweet teeth,we highly recommend having them with a glass of milk or, better yet, a cup of coffee.  They are sweet.  Another success at Paradox Pastry.  Delicious.

Food 242

2)  “Pakistani Dip” at Kabab & Curry.  OK, it’s not on the menu.  But, this riff on a French Dip sandwich is easily assembled.  Here’s how.  First, order the goat curry, which comes with a side of rice, a vegetable curry of your choice, and tandoori bread.   Next, de-bone the goat.  This is easy.  It falls off.  Then, tear off a piece of bread and fold it around some of the goat meat.  Now, dip the whole thing into the goat’s heady sauce.  Enjoy.