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Paradox Pastry Auction: Beer, Bakin’ and Bourbon for Bros (or Babes, as the case may be!)


Here is your chance to experience Paradox Pastry like you never have before, while helping to feed the area’s hungry: The Charlottesville 29 Artisan Auctions. As one of the artisans of Prime 109’s August 20 Celebration of Charlottesville Restaurants, Paradox Pastry has created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for whoever pledges the highest donation to The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Thanks to the generosity of Paradox Pastry, the entire winning bid goes directly to the food bank. And, thanks to the efficiency of the food bank, each dollar donated creates four meals for the area’s hungry.

The Paradox Pastry signature experience for The Charlottesville 29 Artisan Auctions:

Beer, Bakin’ and Bourbon for Bros (or Babes, as the case may be!)

Paradox Pastry’s team includes some of the most skilled bakers in town, and the auction winner and five guests will enjoy a hands-on, deep in it, class, where the team will teach them to bake all things manly and manful (or dame-ly and dameful). Take the class yourself, or send your favorite men and women to explore their inner pastry chef while they create plenty of take-home delectables laced with beer, bacon, and a wee bit of bourbon, just for fun. “We promise to teach them how to fish, er, bake,” says Paradox Pastry’s Jenny Peterson, “forever keeping them and their loved ones filled with sweetness.” Plus, Peterson says, the group will not leave hungry or thirsty, as they will enjoy plenty of snacks and adult beverages throughout the class.

It’s the ultimate Paradox Pastry experience: Beer, Bakin’ and Bourbon for Bros (or Babes, as the case may be!).

Note: The auction winner will schedule the experience at a mutually convenient time with Paradox Pastry.


Place your bids now by email at Bidding ends August 20 at Prime 109’s Celebration of Charlottesville Restaurants. Regular updates of the leading bid will be posted below.

Current Bid: $900

Five Finds on Friday: Kelly Davidson


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Dr. Kelly Davidson, who fifteen years ago yesterday dashed the hopes of young men everywhere when she married me. It’s not easy being the spouse of a food freak, and her support over the years has allowed me to pursue my passion without limit. It can mean having to grow accustomed to answering not: “Which restaurant should we eat at tonight?” but rather “How many restaurants should we eat at tonight?” On the other hand, you do get to eat well. Happy Anniversary, little one. Kelly’s picks:

1) Italian Cream Cake at Paradox Pastry.  “Four layers of cake with coconut, pecans and a yummy cream cheese frosting. If you love coconut, this is the cake for you.”

2) Smokey Dokey at The Alley Light. “The mix of smoke from the mezcal plus a little heat and citrus is just right.”

3) Labneh at Parallel 38.  “I love, love, love this. I could and would eat it on almost anything. When P38 closed, I tried to make it . . big fail. Now that they have re-opened, I can’t wait to get my fix!”

4) Everything Bagel w/ Cream Cheese from Bodo’s with Face Bacon from JM Stock Provisions. “My traditional birthday dinner for years is a childhood favorite: a bagel with cream cheese and bacon. After many versions, I think we finally perfected it: Bodo’s everything bagel with plain cream cheese, topped with plenty of face bacon from JM Stock. Makes getting older a lot more bearable.”

5) The Fat and Sassy at Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie. “Sunday plan: wine at Pippin Hill followed by a stop at Dr. Ho’s for this delicious mound of cheese and garlic atop Dr. Ho’s pizza crust dipped in ranch. Not a day to wear your skinny jeans.”




Five Finds on Friday: Jerome Thalwitz


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Jerome Thalwitz, chef-owner of The Bavarian Chef. Tomorrow, October 29, The Bavarian Chef’s food truck will be at Random Row Brewing Co. for a UVa Children’s Hopsital Fundraiser, where one dollar from every beer sold will go to the hospital. While the fun starts at 6:30 am (including Bodo’s!), The Bavarian Chefs’s truck will start serving at 4 pm. Details here. Also, at the restaurant itself, this is the last weekend to enjoy the fall pairing menu – four courses paired with wine or beer for just $50.  Menu below. Thalwitz’s picks:

1) Ceviche at La Finca Grill. “A gorgeous Peruvian ceviche of shrimp and white fish in tangy leche de tigre with sweet potato and hominy. Save room for the Tres Leches cake!”

2) Deviled Eggs at Jack’s Shop Kitchen. “These aren’t just any deviled eggs. The yolk filling is so velvety smooth, and they are accompanied by fresh avocado and melt-in-your-mouth pork belly with just the right crisp on the outside.”

3) Gambas al’ Parilla and Sangria at MAS. “MAS is my favorite date night spot with my wife. These jumbo shrimp, salty and fresh off the grill with garlic alioli, are a must-have on your list of tapas and raciones. Hook it up with a carafe of sangria and let the good times roll!”

4) Spice Rubbed Brisket Sandwich and Rothaus Pils at Kardinal Hall. “Tender smoked beef brisket on an original Philly hoagie roll with red cabbage slaw taps into my German tastebuds. Perfectly paired with one of the world’s best pilsners, Rothaus Pils hailing from the Schwarzwald.”

5) Guinness Chocolate Cake at Paradox Pastry. “Stout beer, dark chocolate and Irish cream—this always puts me in my happy place.”