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Five Finds on Friday: Eva Solano


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Eva Solano, the Little Star sous chef who has an immigration hearing this month to decide whether she may remain in the country. As the primary provider for her family, Solano is fighting deportation so she can continue to support her family in the United States. You can help her with her battle, as she incurs mounting legal fees and other costs. Help Solano here. Solano’s picks:

1) Tacos de Lengua at El Tako Nako. “It is not hard to know why I love tacos. Tacos are a part of my heritage and roots. As well, this food truck is open until midnight and is convenient. After working a long night in the restaurant, I want to get something fast and yummy.”

2) Ankimo at TEN Sushi. “For some reason, I like to eat liver. The technique used at TEN Sushi when poaching the liver and preparing the components that form the dish work well. It is a very unique and yet simple dish.”

3) Pollo at Al Carbon. “As a working mother, when I was not able to cook for my family, I would always get the pollo from here. My fiance always jokes that I cook all day for other people, but am not able to cook for my own family. We love this pollo. It reminds us of the times we lived in NYC and had all the cultural influences. This pollo is prepared in a traditional Peruvian style and is a family favorite.”

4) Menudo at Super Amanecer. “If you ever want to recover from a hangover, this stew made from cow’s stomach and red chili pepper can save you! This is again very traditional after a long celebration. It reminds me of what my mom would make after holiday parties.”

5) Mole at Little Star. “The first time Chef Ryan said we were going to make mole, I was concerned as it is one of the most difficult, signature Mexican sauces. Sometimes it can have more than twenty different ingredients and takes us two days to create. I have been a chef for fine dining French, Japanese, and Italian cuisines, and I am so excited to make such an authentic sauce from Mexican cultures that is used for celebrations. When I tasted it, I was impressed with the results. Chef makes me proud to show Charlottesville that Mexican ingredients and techniques can compare with fine-dining cuisines of the world.”

Al Carbon Rotisserie Chicken, Charlottesville, VA 10/05/2015

Photo by Tom McGovern

Five Finds on Friday: Carlos Cruz


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Carlos Cruz, sous chef of Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie. With Dr. Ho’s owner Michael McCarthy, Cruz is poised to launch Dr. Ho’s Food Truck, featuring a rotating menu of favorite dishes of Cruz and McCarthy, such as a yellowfin tuna banh mi, with sesame-crusted tuna, Sriracha mayo and pickled vegetables. There will also be General Ho’s Chicken, plus simpler fare like a grass-fed burger, hand-cut fries, and hand-churned ice cream. The truck debuts next week at Ragged Branch distillery, on June 8 from 5-7 pm. Then, Saturday, June 10, from 12-5 pm, find them at the annual open house of Loving Cup Vineyard & Winery. Cruz’s picks:

1) Tacos al Pastor from Sabor Latino (food truck on 29N). “I worked with Elias & Fragoso at Dr. Ho’s for a couple of years. Nobody’s more serious about tacos than these guys. Their tacos al pastor are the real deal and the Jarritos are always ice cold.”

2) Nance Ice Cream from La Flor Michoacana. “Not many people have heard of nance and this is not your typical ice cream. Go and you will be glad you did. This family makes a very unique and special product.”

3) Pupusas Revueltas at Super Amanecer. “The pupusas revueltas are the best I have found anywhere. These are filled with pork and cheese and topped with pickled cabbage a simple salsa. I see no reason to make pupusas when you can find them this good. I am also crazy about the caldo de res! It’s the biggest bowl of beef soup you could imagine.”

4) Chicken Salad (or is it turkey?) on an Everything with lettuce, tomato, and onion at Bodo’s Bagels. “Delicious, fresh and FAST!”

5) Shrimp with Vegetables from Asian Express. “I love the food from Asian Express. The jumbo shrimp with fresh vegetables, stir fried in a brown sauce, is my go-to dish. Pair that with super-fast delivery and my whole family is a happy as can be!”


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