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Five Finds on Friday: River Hawkins


Today’s Five Finds on Fridays come from River Hawkins, bar manager and co-owner of the hot new restaurant, The Bebedero, which had its grand opening this week.  Hawkins’ picks:

1)  Papaya Salad (Som Tum) at Monsoon Siam.  “I lived in Thailand for a couple of years managing a large dance club, and everyday before work I would get a bowl of Sum Tum from a little old vendor lady who carried around the ingredients on her shoulders and made it for you right there on the sidewalk with a little mortar and pestle. Monsoon’s Som Tum takes me back to Thailand and those strange beautiful days.”

2) Roasted Beet Salad with Blackened Catfish at The Whiskey Jar.  “I have this almost every time I get lunch at the Whiskey Jar. It’s just so perfect and light and savory. I never feel heavy or sleepy after eating a huge bowl of it.”

3)  Cemitas at Al Carbon.  “I was blessed to have traveled throughout Peru for a while, and the way they prepare their meats at Al Carbon is just as delicious as the vendor food I had in Cusco. I just wish I could get guinea pig there.”

4)  Kung Pao Chicken at Peter Chang’s.  “Spicy deliciousness. Every Chinese I place I go, I have the Kung Pao Chicken. If that’s good I know everything is good.”

5) Nachos at The Bebedero.  “This may seem like shameless self promotion, but I’ve eaten nachos all over the world and I honestly think Chef Cesar makes the best and most creative nachos I’ve ever tasted. I don’t have any control over the food, so this really is my objective opinion.”


Two for Tuesdays: Nick Hine

nick hine

Note: This post is part of our guest series, The Corner, with assistance from digital media students at The University of Virginia. Today’s student contributor is Hajung Yoo.

Tuesdays during The Corner series feature two favorite Corner food items selected by a different University figure each week. Today’s picks come from Nick Hine, Chair of the University of Virginia Honor Committee.  A Fourth Year who once studied abroad in China, Nick looks back on his experiences on the Corner to share his picks:

1)  Sichuan Spicy Beef Noodle at Ginkgo Chinese.  “Whenever I’m feeling nostalgic – or one of my friends is feeling adventurous – I’ll head to Ginkgo for the authentic Sichuan food.  “The Sichuan Spicy Beef Noodle is my go-to.  It’s a noodle soup dish full of beef, bok choy, and numbing Sichuan peppercorns.”

2)  Beef Pho at Lemongrass. “I’m clearly a sucker for good Asian soup dishes. Lemongrass only serves pho from 9-5 on the weekend – I’ve never figured out why it’s not served all week, but I try to get it for lunch every Sunday. You get a plate full of herbs and sauces with every order, but the broth is incredibly flavorful on its own and the noodles are always perfectly done. It’s a great, underrated comfort food – even better once the temperature drops.”


Five Finds on Friday: Our Local Commons


Sarah Cramer Shields, left, and Andrea Hubbell.

On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Sarah Cramer Shields and Andrea Hubbell, founders of the Charlottesville food website Our Local Commons, and creators of the books of the same name. Volume 2 of Our Local Commons has just been published, and tomorrow, October 11, there is a celebration at JM Stock Provisions called Meet Your Makers.  Meet folks whose stories are told in Our Local Commons and enjoy free samples of their products, including Flora Artisanal Cheese, Potter’s Craft Cider, Three Notch’d Brewing Co., Freestone Pies, Virginia Vinegar Works, and Whisper Hill Farm.  Sarah and Andrea’s picks:

1)  Garganelli with Butternut Squash, Kale, Caramelized Onions and Sage at Tavola.  “Seeing it on the menu each year marks the beginning of the fall season and we just can’t get enough of it.”

2)  Fried Oysters at the Cardinal Point Oyster Roast. “The Rappahannock River Oyster guys whip up an amazingly light and crispy batter that we crave all year. Mark your calendars for November 15-16.  Great music, wine and OYSTERS!”

3)  Bulk Spicy Sausage from Babes in the Woods.  “We use it in pasta dishes and soups all year long, but especially love it this time of year paired with squash and kale. It is a staple in both of our homes! You can get it at the farmer’s market or at Relay Foods.”

4)  Takeout from Pad Thai.  “It’s so important to have good takeout options while trying to wrangle one-year-olds during the witching hour.  Our favorites are the Tom Yum Noodle Bowl, the Green Papaya Salad, and the Garlic and Black Pepper Crispy Pork, which the Ouypron family made for us during our interview for the website. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask Jay nicely they will make it for you!”

5)  Cupcakes and Shenandoah Joe Coffee at Sweethaus.  “Our go-to afternoon meeting spot for a caffeine and sugar pick-me-up.  We love the almond cupcakes!  And, they just made their cookie dough frosting available by the tub!  Enough said.”




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