by Charlottesville29

1837 Broadway Street . Charlottesville, VA . (434) 270-0555

Why Broadcloth?

For all its excellence and variety, the Charlottesville food community still has a meat-and-potatoes crowd at its core. Dishes for conservate palates pay the bills, and a sure path to failure is pushing the envelope too far. Against that grain, Charlottesville has one chef who stubbornly continues to follow his passion for modern cuisine. Tucker Yoder now calls Broadcloth home.

And an elegant one it is. Leather banquettes and brass sconces line the wall of the cozy, yet modern, room in the historic textile mill at The Wool Factory. There, Yoder serves the most progressive food in town, applying novel techniques to his favorite locally sourced ingredients. A create-your-own prix fixe menu allows guests to select four or six courses, or put themselves in Yoder’s hands for his Tasting Menu. Or, or order a la carte at the bar, where Casey Robinson presides over one of Charlottesville’s best kept secrets for cocktail lovers.

For some diners, a trade-off is that they might find some culinary experiments more successful than others. But, that can be part of the fun, and for those willing to take the gamble, it’s among the most exciting places to eat in town, earning a spot in The Charlottesville 29.

What To Order

The menu changes weekly based on local sourcing and Yoder’s latest inspiration, and is posted on Instagram. Below are some of our favorites from prior menus as well as the chef’s own recommendations

Our Picks

  • Smoked Beets
  • Spinalis Dorsi Tartar
  • Confit Pork Coppa
  • Seared Scallops

Chef’s Picks

  • Whatever mezcal drink they are whipping up at the bar
  • Tartar
  • Duck dishes
  • Rice dishes
  • Rockfish dishes