Crush Pad / Luce

by Charlottesville29

118 West Main Street Suite B . Charlottesville, VA . (434) 284-7119

Why Crush Pad / Luce?

For all the love that Charlottesville has for wine, the shortage of eateries devoted to it seems odd. Vineyards and wine shops abound. But restaurants built around wine? Few to be found.

Enter Crush Pad. In 2021, Vincent Derquenne realized a longtime dream by opening a place celebrating his love of wine. Derquenne had long been known in the industry for his expertise and the wine he would share with friends at private gatherings. With Crush Pad, he brings it to the masses. Part shop, part bar, the sleek and comfortable space features a long bar with green leather stools lining one side of the room, and shelves of wine bottles on the other. A polished and knowledgeable staff is led by industry veteran and Certified Sommelier Rachel Gendreau.

And, the food is noteworthy too. After all, Derquenne is one half of the trailblazing duo whose Metropolitain restaurant transformed Charlottesville dining, and who now owns Bizou, Bang!, The Space, and Luce. In fact, in addition to boards and small bites from Crush Pad’s kitchen, guests may order from the menu of nearby Luce. A passion project of Travis Burgess, the son of Derquenne’s business partner, Luce offers pizza and world class hand-made pasta, usually to-go, but also available on a plate for Crush Pad guests. It’s an added bonus that removes any doubt that Crush Pad belongs in The Charlottesville 29.

What to Order

All of Luce’s pastas are standouts. And, the boards and snacks from Derquenne’s kitchen are tasty, too. Below are our recommendations.

  • Gaufrette Potato Chips
  • Cheese & Charcuterie Board
  • Specials
  • Cacio (Luce)
  • Bolo (Luce)
  • Torta di Formaggio (Luce)