Papo Guacaro’s Place, Dorado, PR

by Charlottesville29


What a dinner tonight.

Papo Guacaro’s Place is a favorite of Dorado locals. And now it is a favorite of mine, too. If you are ever near Dorado, do not miss it.

While picking up food “para llevar” to bring back to my family at our hotel, the scene was pure gold. Old men laughing over bottles of Medalla Light. Families cramming into booths while their children run in aisles. Grandmothers grinning curiously at the gringo in the pink shirt and The Blue Point hat. Servers bustling about. People, well, relaxing.

A huge thanks to Dorado Beach staff for pointing us towards Papo Guacaro’s. Often when you ask for restaurant recommendations from a hotel, you receive a standard list of tourist traps from a concierge. But, our hotel’s staff grasped that I wanted the real thing. And they seemed so happy about our interest in their  local cuisine.

I am grateful for their hospitality. A great evening and feast.



Our feast:


My favorite dish was the the one that came most recommended. Cuajitos are stewed little squares of pig ears. Papo Guacaro’s does them two ways — both delicious, both excellent, especially with the house hot sauce.