Mas y Mas

by Charlottesville29


Last week, MAS Tapas’ beloved carne asada appeared in Five Finds on Friday for the sixth time. This would have tied it for the most all-time Five Finds appearances if another MAS dish had not also appeared in Five Finds. Gambas al’ parilla made its seventh appearance in Five Finds. Charlottesville chefs cannot get enough of the jumbo shrimp grilled Catalan style with plenty of grey salt and garlic alioili from the gods. This may explain why chef Mike Ketola’s work bio reads: “I cook shrimp good.” Yes you do.

But, there’s a lot more to MAS than steak and shrimp. In total, MAS dishes have made 47 appearances in Five Finds on Friday, “more” than any other restaurant, a tribute to the lasting excellence of Tomas Rahal’s tapas bar fourteen years after first opening its doors to Belmont. Thank you to Tomas and his outstanding staff for being excellent. We are blessed.