5th Coach Joins Breakfast of Champions

by Charlottesville29


This week, one of the coaches attending tomorrow’s Breakfast of Champions, in The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions, noticed something was amiss. The event brings together four current UVa coaches who have won national championships – Brian Boland (men’s tennis), Brian O’Connor (baseball), George Gelnovatch (men’s soccer), and Julie Myers (women’s lacrosse) – for an over-the-top Bodo’s brunch with Potter’s Craft Cider and organic juice from Lumi. But, Myers noticed the inadvertent omission of the fifth current UVa coach to have won a national championship: Kevin Sauer, whose women’s rowing team won titles in 2010 and 2012.

Never mind. This is UVa after all. So, when he was extended a last minute invitation, Sauer of course said yes. Now, tomorrow’s event includes all current UVa coaches to have won national championships. Truly, a Breakfast of Champions. Congratulations to the auction winners and our thanks to them and the coaches for their support of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.