Pho-rench Dip at Feast!

by Charlottesville29



New Feast! Head Chef Dan Frosaker once managed the kitchen at Pok Pok, one of the nation’s most acclaimed restaurants for Southeast Asian cuisine. Perhaps that explains why this week’s sandwich special at Feast! is so good. The Pho-rench Dip includes roast beef, basil, cilantro, and Apinya mayo on a baguette. The kicker, though, is the accompanying pho broth for dipping. It starts with onions and ginger, charred and then peeled. Then comes toasted star anise, black cardamom, fennel seeds and coriander seeds, with beef stock. While the broth reduces for several hours, the onions break down, thickening the stock. To finish, Sriracha, lime, and salt add brightness and round out the flavors. It’s a heady, flavorful broth that makes a good sandwich great.