Charlottesville Support for Amatrice Grows

by Charlottesville29

lampo dish

Spaghetti all’amatriciana at Lampo.

True to form, the Charlottesville food community has sprung into action to help those in need. On Wednesday, an earthquake wiped out Amatrice, the tiny Italian town that created one of the world’s most renowned pasta dishes, pasta all’amatriciana. The next day, several Charlottesville restaurants decided to put Amatrice’s famous dish on their menus and donate proceeds to earthquake relief efforts.

As soon as word spread, others in the food community volunteered to help as well. Vendors stepped forward to donate Lampo essential ingredients, like guanciale (JM Stock Provisions) and pasta (International Gourmet and The Chef’s Warehouse). Meanwhile, when restaurants Orzo and Vivace caught wind, they joined the cause, too.

For details and a full list of restaurants participating in the pasta all’amatriciana earthquake relief fundraiser, visit here.