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Charlottesville Support for Amatrice Grows

lampo dish

Spaghetti all’amatriciana at Lampo.

True to form, the Charlottesville food community has sprung into action to help those in need. On Wednesday, an earthquake wiped out Amatrice, the tiny Italian town that created one of the world’s most renowned pasta dishes, pasta all’amatriciana. The next day, several Charlottesville restaurants decided to put Amatrice’s famous dish on their menus and donate proceeds to earthquake relief efforts.

As soon as word spread, others in the food community volunteered to help as well. Vendors stepped forward to donate Lampo essential ingredients, like guanciale (JM Stock Provisions) and pasta (International Gourmet and The Chef’s Warehouse). Meanwhile, when restaurants Orzo and Vivace caught wind, they joined the cause, too.

For details and a full list of restaurants participating in the pasta all’amatriciana earthquake relief fundraiser, visit here.



Five Finds on Friday: Johnny Garver


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Johnny Garver, chef of Parallel 38. This weekend at Parallel 38, you can get pasta all’amtraciana, the dish made famous by Amatrice – a small town in Italy that was devastated by this week’s earthquake. Thanks to the generosity of the restaurant, all proceeds from the dish will go directly to earthquake relief efforts. Details and info on other participating restaurants are available here. Garner’s picks:

1) Grey Dove Oyster and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms from Bear Dog Farm. “If you enjoy local mushrooms at their highest quality and also reasonable prices, these are your guys. All you need is a little butter, salt, pepper,  and your favorite herbs. Quickly sauteed and you have mushrooms at their finest.”

2) Duck Breast Prosciutto from MeatCrafters at Stonefield Farmers Market. “Every Saturday from 9:00 a.m.until 2:30 p.m., you can catch them offering up samples of their cured meats. Their duck breast prosciutto is my absolute favorite. Sliced thin, it melts in your mouth and I actually prefer it to traditional prosciutto. They also have a few others worth sampling, such as the Chesapeake and the Black Truffle salamis.”

3) I Don’t Even Own *A* Gun from Twenty Paces. “This cheese is one of my local favorites and I always keep some on hand for my personal stock. You can find Twenty Paces tucked away towards Scottsville on the other side of Bellair Farm. The cheese is 80% sheep’s milk and  20% cow’s milk that has been washed in Champion Violator and aged 3 months resulting in a rind similar to Tomme. This semi-soft cheese is great for everyone because of it’s full flavor without being strong, sharp, or pungent.”

4) Beef Carpaccio at C&O. “It’s the perfect summer snack when it’s hot and I’m in downtown Charlottesville. It’s not too heavy but ends up filling. Chilled, thinly sliced seasoned beef, peppery arugula, Manchego, hash, and truffle aioli that always makes me smile. Also if you haven’t had their veal sweetbreads, you’re in for a treat.”

5) Feel Adventurous? at Tavola Cichetti Bar. “My favorite place to sit is always the bar and if you choose this option the bartender will guide you through your own personally crafted cocktail to fit your taste or mood. I’ve never been disappointed. While you’re there also try their baked little neck clams appetizer. Rustic Italian that you won’t to want miss out on!”

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