Bizou Auction Experience Gets Even Better

by Charlottesville29


Already spectacular, the Bizou auction experience just got even better.  A Sparkling Parisian Brunch for ten people, it features an array of sparkling wines chosen by one of Charlottesville’s biggest oenophiles, Bizou co-owner Vincent Derquenne. But, man cannot live on champagne alone, and so the auction winner’s party now will also enjoy a special Parisian blend of coffee, created just for the occasion and donated by the acclaimed local roastery Shenandoah Joe. What’s more, guests of the Bizou brunch will not just enjoy this exclusive coffee at brunch, but will also each receive a bag of it to take home, which, ahem, could come in handy the next morning.

Thank you to Dave Fafara and Shenandoah Joe for their tremendous generosity and support of the food bank, yet another local vendor offering to help with The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions.

Great food, great sparkling wine, and great coffee. It’s the ultimate Sparkling Parisian Brunch.