Fleurie Auction Creates 25K+ Meals for Hungry

by Charlottesville29


About last night.

We had a bidding war.

A wonderful, all-out bidding war.

The prize was Fleurie’s incredible auction item: dinner for twelve at the home of chef-owner Brian Helleberg, with wine pairings from his cellar by sommelier and wine writer Erin Scala.  And, after lots of enthusiastic back-and-forth, the winning bid was $6,500, which will create more 25,000 meals for the area’s hungry.

Earlier this week, the auction item for the donation from Helleberg’s other restaurant, Petit Pois, went for $2,000. So, combined, the donations from Helleberg’s two restaurants created more than  34,000 meals for the area’s hungry. Thank you to Helleberg, the bidders, the Scalas, and the restaurants for their tremendous generosity.