Lampo Auction to Close

by Charlottesville29


Tomorrow, June 22, public bidding ends for Lampo’s offering in The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions: Lampo’s Pizza Making Party and Sunday Supper. After public bidding closes tomorrow, only those who have placed a bid in the Lampo auction will have the opportunity to continue bidding via email until a winning bid is reached.  Bidding information is available on the Lampo auction page.

As if the auction item itself were not enticing enough, co-owner Loren Mendosa recently elaborated on the spectacular meal Lampo has planned during the supper portion of the auction winner’s experience. “We’ll be consulting with the winner to build a truly special meal for them and their guests from first to last course,” says Mendosa.

The winner will have access to our extensive pantry (including summer truffles, 120 day dry aged local beef, and lots of other exclusive ingredients) and all of our purveyors. As much as we all love pizza, we truly look forward to getting back to our roots of fine dining and crafting dishes that we wouldn’t normally be able to run in the restaurant environment.  So whether you want this to be a casual dining experience with some of your favorite Lampo dishes or you want to push the culinary boundaries we’ll be at your disposal.  Cheers and we can’t wait to see who we’ll be cooking for soon!

Loren Mendosa