Thank you, Watermark Design

by Charlottesville29


It’s time to start recognizing some of the local vendors helping The Charlottesville 29 Restaurant Auctions to benefit The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Among the most generous of all has been the local branding and graphic design firm, Watermark Design.  Although I had no prior connection with the company, I contacted them because I had been so impressed with their work for clients like Veritas, Rosemont, and Champion Brewing Company. In response to my email sent out of the blue (today’s equivalent of a cold call), founder Darcey Ohlin Lacy not only enthusiastically agreed to design posters free of charge, but did much, much more. First, she suggested that Watermark also design a web logo and coasters, free of charge as well. Next, she helped find another local vendor to print the posters pro bono. And, if that was not enough, when we were unable to find a pro bono vendor to print the striking coasters that Watermark designed, the company offered to chip in money to help pay for those as well.

Thank you, Watermark Design, for your generosity, enthusiasm, and excellent work in support of the auctions. Please consider them for your own design and branding needs. Below are images of the coasters and posters you may see around town, which help bring attention to the spectacular showing of generosity by the Charlottesville restaurant community.