The Charlottesville 29 Countdown Begins

by Charlottesville29


If there just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?  While this site is four years old, answering the question at the heart of the site has been in the works for decades, based on thousands of restaurant experiences.  In just over two weeks, after testing, re-testing, and testing again, it will be complete.

As I have long expected, the list of restaurants that do not make the 29 may better demonstrate the high caliber of our food scene than the restaurants actually on the list.  “If ___ isn’t among Charlottesville’s essential restaurants, Charlottesville must have a pretty remarkable collection of restaurants,” one could say of many, many good restaurants that will not survive the final cut. We are blessed in Charlottesville.  Both with the 29, and beyond.

And, so, tomorrow morning, the final twelve entries into The Charlottesville 29 will begin, one each day.  After that, updates to the list will be made once each year. Check back tomorrow to begin the countdown towards 2016’s The Charlottesville 29.