Best Tomato Sandwich in Charlottesville

by Charlottesville29


It’s August.  That means tomatoes.  If I’m not making a tomato sandwich at home, I’m probably eating one somewhere around town.  And, my favorite places to do that, year-after-year, are always Will Richey’s spots: The Whiskey Jar and Revolutionary Soup.

Richey’s approach to the tomato sandwich is perfect.  There is no room for improvement.

The crucial first step is to start with great tomatoes. And, Richey does just that – sourcing many straight from Red Row Farm, which he owns with his wife.

Next, and this is also vital: leave well enough alone. No avocado, no lettuce, no Sriracha . . . no nothing to impede pure enjoyment of a tomato sandwich in its highest form.  Just sliced ripe tomatoes on lightly toasted bread, in Richey’s case sourdough from Goodwin Creek Farm & Bakery.

Finally, Richey shares my philosophy that is virtually impossible to put too much mayonnaise on a tomato sandwich.  Duke’s.

The only challenge is to stop at one.