Two For Tuesday: Tony Bennett

by Charlottesville29

Tony Bennett

Note: This post is part of our guest series, The Corner, with assistance from digital media students at The University of Virginia. Today’s student contributor is Ali Donaldson.

Tuesdays during The Corner series feature two favorite Corner food items selected by a different University figure each week. Today’s picks come from Tony Bennett, head coach of the UVa men’s basketball team and the 2014 ACC Coach of the year.  Bennett’s teams have increased their win totals in each of his first five seasons at UVa, culminating with last spring’s ACC regular season and tournament championships, and a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.  Fresh off two wins to kick off the new season, here are Bennett’s picks:

1)  Turkey Burger Bowl with Boylan Sauce and Fixings at Boylan Heights.  “My wife turned me on to the turkey burger bowl, Boylan sauce, and fixings at Boylan Heights and she never makes mistakes on great tasting food. On a side note, the milk shakes are sneaky good.”

2. Philly Chicken at Littlejohn’s (tender, low-fat chicken with shredded lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers and mayo with melted American cheese).  “The first sandwich I had when I arrived in Charlottesville was the Philly Chicken at Littlejohn’s. Talk about a great first impression of Charlottesville! It’s my go-to almost every time I’m there, and it’s available 24/7, 365!”